William B travis

by erik ferman citalan

biographical facts

William B travis was born on August 9,1809.William was the first to be born out of ten.William was born in red bank.They moved in Alabama.William had red hair,blue eyes,six feet tall,and kept his red hair clean

what habits he had

what habits did this person have... For the travis family it used to be hard.He found someone to love.they had kids ,they only had two kids.They tried to be free for there kids.


reimers,peggy A,lone star legend,2006

important to texas

willim B travis gave fredem to texas.william also gave life to people.he set a law. he also qcquainted.

what are important facts

they where on the street for a long time.they build a shelter out of saplings.they built a shelter conucuh.a few years later they where able to make a house mad out of logs.when he was twenty years old he married rosanna and had two children

what important charachterristic

he liked to pull pranks .they where trouble makers .he was polight to people .he was a fun guy