A little about your fellow EXCEL/COMPASS classmate

So who exactly are you?

Hiya! My name is Ashley D. Balgobind and I am a fellow Freshman here at UCF. I was proudly born in Queens, New York but have lived in Orlando, Florida since 5th grade. So trust me, I get the Florida weather very VERY well...

My family is originally from India but starting with my Grandmother's generation they moved to a tiny country in South America called Guyana. My family then transitioned to America where I was born. High-five to all you First Gen's!

What about your academic life?

I made a decision a long time ago (like when I was 7) that I really really wanted to become a Doctor. I know, a bit stereotypical, but that decision has stuck with me this long and it has actually become a huge passion of mine. This passion has led me to become a Biomedical Sciences major here at UCF.

As a First Generation student in America AND along with the fact that I'm a girl, it can be a struggle to be recognized and truly be successful as a Med and even Pre-Med student. Upon hearing about EXCEL at UCF I was super excited to know that there was a program in UCF's huge campus that focused specifically in STEM majors. I joined EXCEL for an opportunity to help me advance in math and sciences easily while having a group of students (like 600) to be my math and science "family" throughout the next four years.

How EXCEL will help me this year

As my first year in college, you can't blame me for being a bit nervous, but so far EXCEL has been so helpful in figuring out what classes to take and helping me adjust to my math classes well. I am also part of the GEMS mentoring program which really has helped me to feel at home on the HUGE UCF campus. EXCEL will help me be successful my freshman year and for the years to come with their mentors and awesome guidance!

so something unique about me!

I actually play 2 instruments professionally as well as sing! I was trained in classical indian music which is actually a bit funner than it sounds! I've been playing the Harmonium, a classical indian instrument, and singing since I was 10.

I also play the Viola, which is basically the sister to the violin, and have been doing so since I was 12!

So i guess you can music is a bit of a passion of mine :)

Thanks a bunch for reading this and if you see me around campus don't be afraid to say "Hey!"