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10 Rules for a Utopian Society

1) No weapons

2) No fighting

3) No cussing

4) No drugs

5) Don't be rude

6) Be nice

7) No stealing

8) No smoking

9) Be honest

10) Students must have education

Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

Freedom is the power or the right to act, speak, or think as a person wants to without limitations from the government or other people. Freedoms are present in most democratic governments, allowing for people to express one's thoughts without punishment. Freedoms that are present in the United States include the freedom of religion, press, and speech. These freedoms pertain to all of the citizens of the United States and they are some of the factors that make up a democracy. Some of the freedoms that Americans enjoy as a whole are the freedoms of voting to express ones-self, the freedom to choose where someone goes and their job, and the freedom of speech. However, many Americans feel that there are certain freedoms that are limited. Some of these include limited privacy, particularly on the Internet, and the accessibility to bear arms. Despite the limited freedoms Americans have, people have even less freedoms in other types of governments. For example, in an imagined dystopian government, similar to that in the book 1984, the people have no freedoms and the government controls all of their powers. A dystopian society is an example of a country or civilization in which freedoms are not balanced among the citizens. In this state of being like in 1984, the people have been brainwashed into believing that the government controls them and that if they committed an act where they had freedom, than the government would punish them or possibly exile them. The theory of dystopia investigates what a society would end up like with no freedoms present. As discovered in 1984, a society works in favor of the government, but as time goes on, people like Winston Smith start to question the government and wonder why they do not have freedom. And as more and more people rise up to the task of questioning the government, the society could end up in a state of chaos, but until that time, many years away in the future, the citizens do not know what the structures of government truly are because the state has confused and brainwashed them.

Casting Actors and Actresses for the 1984 Movie

1984 Characters:

Johnny Depp would play Winston Smith because he can play a person who is smart and can question the society. He would also fit the part because he wears glasses and he can look the same age as Winston. Kristen Stewart would play Julia because she has experience playing a brave and strong girl. She has characteristics that are similar to Julia's like her dark hair and pale face, which would make the role more realistic. Matt Damon can play O'Brien because he can play someone who is very likeable and relatable to others. Big Brother can be played by Jack Nicolson because he is very experienced at playing scary or creepy characters. Also, he looks like Big Brother, which would enhance the character. Mrs. Parsons would be played by Diane Keaton because she can play a dull mother and has great experience in acting. Parsons would be played by Danny DeVito because he can play an obnoxious and dull man. Danny DeVito would also be good for the part because he has the same physical characteristics as Parsons. The Parsons kids would be played by Max Charles and Francesca Capaldi because they can play annoying kids that can act like spies. Syme would be played by Harrison Ford because he is known for playing intelligent characters in movies. Mr. Charrington would be played by Billy Crystal because he can play a nice and understanding store owner. Quentin Tarantino would play Emmanuel Goldstein because he has experience playing bad people, which could make Goldstein's character stronger. Kevin Costner would play Comrade Tillotson because he can play someone who is focused on his work and is very secretive.

I feel like these are the best choices for the characters and that if I were to make a movie, than it would be great!

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A New Ending To Pages 92-104

The place where there is no darkness was the imagined future, which one would never see, but which, by foreknowledge, one could mystically share in....

Just then, almost as if the future had folded into the past, there was a loud knock on the heavy brass door. KNOCK- KNOCK- KNOCK. Suddenly there came a familiar feeling to Winston's eyes, the same of which was present when their eyes communicated with each other last week when they were across from each other during the Two Minutes of Hate. Winston could feel that O'Brien had come here to talk to him about what that glance had meant. He knew that they had the same opinion about the government as soon as he met O'Brien. He knew that today was the day that they would tell each other the truth about their feelings toward the dystopian government. Winston could vaguely see the sight of them in the future shaking each other's hands and secretly working against the government to ensure and promote freedom. Winston was very anxious about this moment, and he knew that every second he spent contemplating about opening the door, that that meant there was another moment gone from removing the insane government. With his heart beating in his chest as fast as a cheetah, he slowly took one step at a time, moving in the direction of the door.

"Who is it?" Winston asked hesitantly, while shaking like a leaf on a windy day.

"It's O'Brien." the figure behind the door replied in a monotone voice

Winston sunk as he knew that he had to compose himself while speaking to him. He wiggled his sweaty fingers and slowly reached toward the door, pulling it open ever so slightly.

"Ah!" Winston yelped as he rolled over on his bed, waking up from a nightmare.

1984 Comic Strip

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