Anti Bullying

By Tiana Santalucia & Frances Caponnetto

What is Anti Bullying?

Anti Bullying is a type of bullying that is known for unwanted negative behaviour.

Anti Bullying can represent all types of bullying such as; verbal, physiological or physical.

Different types of bullying:

  • Anti Bullying
  • Verbal
  • Physiological
  • Physical Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying



Why do people bully?

People bully others because the bully obviously has got his own issues in life, and takes it out on others when they haven't done anything to the people. In our opinion bullying is caused because the bully has been bullied before and wants to bully someone else. It is not a nice thing to do. This causes depression, suicide and many more terrible situations.
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Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying is a type that uses rude language, gossips, spreading rumours and teasing. This hurts peoples feelings really bad because the bully might say something really inappropriate that's not true and then spread rumours about you and everybody is teasing you. People affect to this really seriously and it is not a good thing.

Physcological Bullying

Physcological Bullying is basically mental abuse, sometimes people may feel as though they have been abused because something happened that hurt them emotionally, but it would generally be called bullying if it wasn't done purposely.

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying is a type of bullying that uses your arms, legs etc. It is fighting, punching and kicking, bullies mostly do this to people for a reason. This can cause a lot of damage to victims and is a serious situation to deal with.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is a type of bullying that has got to do with social media. Cyber bullying is a really serious sort of bullying. On all different types of social media there is bullying such as; death threats, paedophiles and more. The affects this can cause on victims is most likely suicide. Cyber bullying is one of the most common type of bullying, it is very dangerous and not good for your personal health.
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How to cope with being bullied:

You can cope with being bullied by:
  • Talking to your friend
  • Principal
  • Parents
  • Guardians
  • Teachers
You could also cope by taking it easy and just ignore people and stand up for yourself. Talking to someone is really important because it is a very tough situation.

Health resources for victims of bullying: is a great website resource for victims of bullying to use.

Recommended website for students: we recommend using this website for students about bullying. It is ran by the government and is called Bullying no way!

Three useful parts:

  • It tells you about bullying.
  • Great for victims of bullying to read about their situations.
  • Tells them how to get over there fear for their situation.