Back-to-School Picnic

Meet other families with similar needs

Want to start the new year off right? Come meet other families who can share similar experiences and provide support.

If your student receives ELL services, special education or 504 support, has social, emotional, behavioral needs, or is experiencing economic struggles -- Join us to find new ways to get connected!

Bring the kids to make new friends or just bring yourself to hang-out and meet others that are starting off a new school year with high hopes, too.


Families with students in younger grades and from other schools are encouraged to attend. We can all learn from families that have been there, done that already. We look forward to seeing you. Of course children and Dads are welcome!

Bring your own picnic or just visit and play!

Saturday, August 24th, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Lake Wilderness Park playground.

Also find us on Facebook!~ Please RSVP on-line or email~

Gina Donahue or
Brenda Running

We will have a white dining canopy set up next to the playground so you can easily find us.

Together we can help every student and family succeed.

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Outreach Committee

The THS PTA has created an Outreach Committee to partner with families and schools to help support all students. Our vision is that the diversity that is present in our communities is reflected in our membership. The committe was created to focus on students with an IEP/504/Behavior Plan as well as those who come from diverse cultural or economic backgrounds, including ELL students or any other underrepresented group.