Belridge Secondary ESC News

August 2021

From the Principals Desk

We are at the halfway mark of Term three and the sunny days are certainly most welcome. Our students are well and truly into their final semester of 2021 and their growth and development across all aspects of their schooling is certainly a celebration of their achievement and high quality teaching and learning.

We are all aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and whilst Western Australia is not currently impacted we need to prepare should there be a time when schools are unable to deliver face-to-face teaching and, as such accessing a Connected Online Learning approach may be necessary. In order to ensure that we continue to support our students learning should this occur, we are exploring ongoing strategies in our Connected Online Learning Plan. I ask that parents ensure that they continue to have access to our CONNECT community which was established last year. The CONNECT community enables class teachers to send information and check in with parents on a regular basis and, this would become the basis for teachers to communicate with parents and to provide daily check ins and an overview of suggested activities to support your child’s education. We are investigating options that will allow teachers to conduct some ‘live’ online lessons with their classes and we will provide parents with support as required. Each family has received a survey regarding access to devices and the internet at home so please send this information back to school by Monday 30th August 2021. Please do not hesitate to contact the front office if you are having difficulty accessing our CONNECT community.

As a school it is important that we be able to communicate with all of our parents at any given time. We do have access to a group messaging system however; whilst our BSESC SchoolStar App is being well utilised by many families, I ask that all parents download this as it enables the school to easily and quickly send information to all parents. Parents are also able to easily notify the school that their child is absent through this APP. Please see the information in this newsletter regarding how to install this.

IEP Meetings

Teachers have organised and held the majority of IEP meetings with Parents and Carers in all year levels in recent weeks. Following on from these meetings, IEP’s will be created and forwarded to you in the near future. It is important to remember that the IEP is not the extent of the program that your child participates in but are priorities identified in each learning area. If some IEP goals were not achieved in Semester One they will carry over into Semester Two.

Planning for 2022

Year 6 students from Primary Schools and Education Support Centres began their transition program this week. These visits are enjoyed by staff and students alike and play an integral part in their transition to secondary schooling. A second visit is planned for Week 9 as well as two full days in Term Four. A huge thank you to Mrs Hutchings and all of the staff who made this an extremely successful introduction to Secondary schooling for our future students.

School Board

Our next formal School Board meeting is on Tuesday 31st August, 2021 and I would like to thank and acknowledge all of our Board members who willingly give up their time to contribute to school future planning, school guidelines and policy. In particular, I would like to acknowledge and thank all of our Parent and Community School Board Members who have contributed to our school community and Board operations. In 2020/2021 our BSESC Board members were: Mrs Jo Waterman, Mrs Selva Ketharanathan, Mrs Trish Butler, Mrs Sandra Mooney, Mrs Wendy Howell and Mr Rick Veaney. Thank you one and all! We recently conducted School Board Council elections and we welcome back Mrs Jo Waterman and a new hello to Mrs Amber Hodgson who was also successful in the elections and will be joining our Board once all the required documentation has been completed. We look forward to continuing to share our successes and celebrations as well as reviewing our school priorities and progress.

Take care and keep warm in these final weeks of the school term.

Kind regards,

Jenine Wall


School Star APP

School Star is a free application (app) that can be used by parents to receive messages and news from the school, reply to messages the school has sent and send messages to the school.

School Star is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by searching for "School Star".

Once the app is installed you must be registered by the contact details the school has for you.

If you need assistance downloading or registering for School Star please contact the front office.

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Important Dates

Term 3

Monday 30th August - Employment Supports Information Session Year 11 & 12 Families

- 5pm to7pm

Friday 3rd September - Whole School Athletics Carnival

Monday 20th September - Year 7 Immunisations - 2nd and final round

Friday 24th September - Last day of Term 3

Term 4

Monday 11th October - First day of Term 4

Thursday 28th October - Year 12 Graduation Ceremony - Kingsway Christian College - 6pm onwards

Monday 1st November - Employment Supports Information Session Year 10 Families - 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Thursday 18th November - MARKET DAY

Wednesday 1st December - Year 12 Graduation Parent Morning Tea

Thursday 16th December - Last Day of Term 4 for students

Middle School News

Hello to all our Belridge SESC families. It's hard to believe that we are now half-way through the school year. The start of Term 3 saw all students returning to a busy routine of schoolwork. The 7-2 and MAG classes have commenced their swimming program this term and are already working towards individualised goals and are having lots of fun along the way. Our year 7's have settled into the secondary schooling routine and it has been great to see so many newly formed friendships. We have some of our year 7's spending their break times creating some major pieces in Lego Club while others are spending time with friends playing basketball or soccer or they are in the library having some quiet time.

Teachers have been doing a great job this term, meeting with parents to identify new IEP goals for Semester Two. Teachers have also ensured they are implementing appropriate strategies for individual students to ensure students are in the 'green zone' for learning. Being in the 'green zone' means our students are calm, focused, happy and ready to learn.

This term we have Mrs Carlyon's 8-1 class participating in the 'Mullaloo Coastal Garden Project'. Students are given the opportunity to experience nature and gain an understanding of helping the community and develop an appreciation for and discover more about a local natural coastal environment. Mrs Egan's 8-2 class have recently celebrated all their hard work around the Medieval Europe theme by inviting myself and other staff to their Medieval Feast where they dressed up, role played and presented speeches. It was truly a great experience.

Middle school students are currently practicing for the upcoming athletics carnival on Friday the 3rd of September. This is a much loved event and it is great to see all of our students dressed up in their faction colours cheering each other on.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Senior School News

I can hardly believe that I was on LSL for two weeks – the time went by so quickly! Apart from being blown away in Geraldton the sojourn to Exmouth was very relaxing, but I’m very happy to be back at Belridge and getting on with the business end of the year! A very big THANKYOU to Lauren Thompson for taking the reins while I was away – Lauren certainly kept things rolling.

After the successful Beyond School evening there was interest in some further support for parents in Year 10, 11 and 12 to navigate employment options available to them. Lauren Thompson and I have organised for Gaelen Williams (APM) to run two sessions, one for Year 11 and 12 families, and one for Year 10 families. Expressions of interest have been collated and information will be sent to families who indicated they wished to attend. If you have changed your mind, please let us know by phoning the front office on 9408 8050.

Monday 30th August 2021 (Term 3 Week 7) 5 – 7pm

Employment Supports Information Session – Gaelen Williams Year 11 and 12 families

Monday 1st November 2021 (Term 4 Week 4) 5.30 – 7.30pm

Employment Supports Information Session – Gaelen Williams Year 10 families

ASDAN Moderation for Year 12s is coming up on Friday 3rd September (Week 7). We have 41 individual module portfolios that will be moderated in the State Moderation process. I am very confident all of them will be accredited. Mrs Vander Loop and Mrs Vales have put a lot of thought and time into these module portfolios.

The Year 10s have commenced their Work Experience placements, 10-2 enjoyed their one day a week placement which ended in week 5. 10-3 will then do their one day a week Work Experience from week 6 until the end of term. The aim of this is for students to understand the basis of what work is about, and to identify any challenges students may face. Not all students may be ready for this next step, and for those that aren’t an alternative program will be offered focussing on Work Readiness, and/or a Simulated Work placement.

IEP reviews are underway for Semester 2. If it is not possible for you to attend school for these meetings please let your teacher know and they can schedule a phone appointment.

There are a couple of staff changes for our specialist classes taken by Belridge Secondary College staff – we welcome Iffah Doyle - Home Ec 10-1 and 10-2, Alexander Winch - Photography 10-1, and Emma Powell-El - Photography 10-2, Dance 10-3. We look forward to working with these new staff members.

As always please contact me if you have any concerns or require further information about life beyond school.

Wendy Hughes

Deputy Principal

Senior School


Welcome back! It was wonderful to see the students return happy and ready for another busy term in the classroom.

It is only Week 5 and we have already taken part in many different activities. We have started swimming again, the students really enjoy this every week, watching the world go by on the bus to learning new skills in the water. It is also encouraging to continue witnessing their increasing independence in drying and dressing themselves every week.

Shopping and cooking has started again and we have already made delicious toasted sandwiches, they were a big hit with the students and staff!

We recently attended an incursion by West Oz Wildlife where students got to get up close and pet a koala, a dingo and a couple of snakes. The koala and dingo were soft and very friendly, the snakes took a little bit more bravery to touch, the students were much braver than the adults.

This semester, we are going to be taking a closer look at our family trees, a note has gone home in the diaries requesting photographs of family members, stating what they are called by your child and their relationship. If you have already sent these pictures in, thank you.

We are also investigating living and non-living objects such as plants and animals. We are taking regular walks around the school and trips to the garden to observe and water the plants.

We have been very lucky to have had Shade Sails installed in our garden, this has meant that we can spend more quality time in the garden learning and relaxing.

Tracy Buckley

MAG1 Teacher

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Time flies when you're having fun - I cannot believe it is Term 3 already! It is hard to believe that we have shared six months of fun and exciting learning experiences together here in MAG 2.

It has been nothing short of amazing to watch the growth and development of our students from where they were at the beginning of the year, in a new classroom space in a new part of the school to where each of them has progressed to now, developing into mature, confident individuals.

One of the main highlights so far this term was the West Oz Wildlife incursion where Kynan, Jeremy, Massimo and Michael were able to get up close to a koala, dingo, shingleback lizard and a couple of snakes. Massimo and Michael were even brave enough to hold one of the snakes around their necks!

As part of one of our ASDAN programs, MAG 2 have been working hard on developing their communications skills in the areas of reading, speaking, listening and writing. They are making excellent progress and really enjoy the opportunities to engage with their peers and staff around the school.

Kynan, Jeremy, Michael and Massimo are taking it in turns each week to develop their independent living skills in the ILC following a recipe and using a range of kitchen utensils and appliances to make cookies for Cobra Café. The feedback we have received so far is that the shortbread with jam is a hit!

Community Access, Landsdale Farm, swimming and bike riding remain the favoured timetabled activities which we all look forward to each week.

Fantastic work so far this term, Kynan, Jeremy, Michael and Massimo!

Katherine Vales

MAG 2 Teacher

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Term 3 has begun well for 7-1 and all students have come back to school with a great attitude to their learning. Through the rainy days we have managed to stick together as a team and make the most of when the sun comes out. We have been practising for the whole school sports carnival and going out on the bikes when the courts are dry.

The highlights of the term so far have been the Science incursion from West Oz Wildlife, starting swimming and following the Mathematics routine which ends in a whole class reward.

Cooking is one of our favourite times in 7-1. We have developed our hygiene practises which we all do at the start of our lessons. This term we have made rainbow rice, nachos, chilli con carne, apple crumble, chicken stir fry, sweet potato enchiladas, macaroni cheese, jam buns, omelettes and French toast.

Daisy Llanwarne and the 7-1 Team

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It was a very rainy start to the the term! Every time there was a break in the weather 7-2 took the opportunity to go outside.

We really enjoyed sampling fruits in the garden and developing our gross motor skills using the obstacle course equipment.

In class we have been working on our spelling and learning about chance outcomes in Mathematics.

Chloe Jordan

7-2 Teacher

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We are halfway through Term 3 and in typical 7-3 style, we have hit the ground running.

In HASS this term we are learning about renewable and non renewable energy resources. We are looking at current practices and investigating more sustainable options for the future. For example, the 7-3 has started our own hydroponic garden. There were thoughtful class discussions when we learnt about the current wasteful banana practices in agriculture. But on the bright side, it also inspired our amazing banana art.

During Week 4 we had an entertaining incursion from West Oz Wildlife where all the students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the wildlife. This incursion helped raise enthusiasm and awareness around the environment, conservation and our precious endangered species. Who knows, one of our students could be the budding conservationist who sparks the solutions for the problems of animal and land management in the future. An interesting question to ask your student will be about baby koalas!

The attention of the 7-3 now turns to the upcoming Belridge Sports Carnival Extravaganza where our students have been practicing for the different events. Watch out Brisbane 2032.

Watch this space

Simon Malloy and Team 7-3

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We have had an amazing start to Term 3. We began the term by reviewing the school rules and values. All the students earned lots of raffle tickets for demonstrating excellent school values in the classroom and at break times.

We have made many plans for our Market Day stall and we are eager to make some awesome items to sell. We celebrated being at school for 100 days by working on various Science, Technology and Maths activities based around the number 100.

In Sport we have followed the Olympics every day. We began the day by changing the tally of Olympic medals, we watched a recap of the days events and wrote in our Olympic diaries. We have had great fun in practicing some of the Olympic sports. We started our games by making our own torches and having a torch relay. Everyday we participated in Olympic events such as tennis, bike riding, hurdles and doing the 100m running race. Even on the days when the weather was so bad we participated in weight lifting challenges, as you can see we are very strong.

We are looking forward to the rest of the term with many new and exciting experiences ahead.

Ms Carlyon, Mrs Nord, Mrs Oldfield & Mrs Reuben

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Our class has started the term with gusto. In Chemistry we are learning about matter and its three states, particle theory and chemical change. We recently conducted an experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to produce a gas that filled a balloon with air to prove air takes up space. In Civics and Citizenship we are learning about democracy and the 'Five Fundamental Freedoms' of citizens, voting and our basic rights. We have role played autocratic and democratic decision making. This was very powerful and it was interesting to see the reactions of Inca's group when she played the part of the autocrat.

Students were looking forward to Book Week and were busy working on their entries into the Book Week competition to draw or make a model of a creature or landscape from an 'other world'. We also had our dress up day on Friday 20th of August. We will have a photo feature of the day in our next newsletter.

At the end of last term Year 8-2 had a Medieval Feast as the culmination of our studies about Medieval Europe. Many of us dressed up in character and we all tried some of the foods that were commonly eaten during this time in history. Photos of our celebration along with our science experiments follow.

Pauline Egan

8-2 Teacher

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This term we have been looking closely at Road Safety and how we should cross the roads safely. 9-1 are doing an excellent job at showing others in the local community how we all should be crossing the roads correctly. Not only have they identified the importance of looking left and right, but they now also know the importance of looking for cars coming from in front OR behind and LISTENING to the noises around them. WELL done 9-1!

As part of our Science learning this term, we were lucky enough to have the West Oz Wildlife incursion in our undercover area. Here are some pictures of our lovely 9's being brave with the various animals they learned about.

Keira Savin

9-1 Teacher

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We have had a great start to Term 3. It has been lovely to have our new Wednesday teacher, Claire Semmens join us. She is a great asset to our team!

In English, we have been looking at the story of the King of Space and the students are designing their own machine that will help mankind. They are working on a draft, pitch and advertisement of their creation as well as creating a prototype. The students have been very creative and we have ideas from the 'Homework Helper', the 'Covid Curer' right through to various environmental restoration ideas. Very mature and exciting!

In Maths, we continue with our individual plans as well as the weekly timetables race and finance including new prizes such as a spin on the 'Wheel of Fortune', teacher chair for the day and Show and Tell. Our students enjoy saving and spending their money each week.

In Science, the students have been learning about different habitats with a new focus on marine life. They had a special visit from West Oz Wildlife, where the students got up close and personal with some Aussie animals.

In HASS, we continue with our Around the World theme and our current focus has been North America and we have recently moved onto Asia which linked in nicely with the Olympics and Paralympics.

In Health, we have been focusing on different kinds of relationships that we have and how they change through life.

The main focus for the last few weeks has been around the Semester 2 IEP goals. It has been great to catch up with parents again and showcase their child's work and celebrate in their successes. The progress these students make, never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the great work guys!

Janine Notarianni & the 9-2 Team

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10-1 have all returned to school full of enthusiasm for Term 3. Whilst Mrs Osborne is recovering from surgery we are working hard under the direction of Mrs Fosberry, Monday to Wednesday and Mr Pantelis, Thursday and Friday. We have been very busy...

  • Working on height measurements and tallying the Olympic medal count in Maths
  • Making our own Olympic torches in Art
  • Continuing our Community Access to the city

In Week 4 we were lucky enough to have an incursion from West Oz Wildlife. Students got to learn about and interact with Australian animals including a koala, a dingo and reptiles. Some students were even brave enough to touch the lizard and snakes. Thank you to Miss Thompson for organising this.

Mrs Fosberry & Mr Pantelis & the 10-1 Team

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The 10-2 class have had a fantastic start to Term 3. Once again, there has been a number of new experiences, including a 5 week Work Experience opportunity, a Science incursion, a DFES excursion and some of our students participated in a Try-a-Trade program in Week 2.

The students have represented the school well in their work experience placements and have enjoyed learning about the expectations and skills required in the work place. Our work placements included Coles, Tyre Power, Australia Post, Pet City and Vinnies.

A BIG thanks to Ms Thompson for organising the West Oz Wildlife incursion on the 11th of August. The students really enjoyed seeing and learning about some of our native animals. It was also a wonderful opportunity to get up close and hold and touch the animals.

Our DFES excursion to the DFES Education and Heritage Centre was also a big hit. Students learned about the importance of being fire aware at home and how to develop evacuation plans with their families. We also enjoyed exploring the Heritage Centre displays, the fire trucks, equipment and protective clothing.

In Week 2 four of the 10-2 students participated in the Try-a-Trade program at Trades North. These students had the opportunity to try brick laying, plastering and tiling over three days. Feedback from the students and staff was positive in relation to students enthusiasm and if they would consider pursuing one of these trades in the future. Well done to Steven, Zac, Ghenwa and Joshua.

Aileen Finn

10-2 Teacher

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We're at the halfway point of Term Three already, with the students working well across all areas of the curriculum!

In English, the students are reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". They are enjoying reading the story together, discussing the plotline and predicting what will happen next.

The students recently spent an enjoyable morning at the DFES Education and Heritage Centre in the Perth CBD. They were shown around the facility, which is an old fire station, learning about fire safety in the home and took the opportunity to sit in a fire truck.

As part of their Community Access program this term, the students are participating in a series of fitness sessions at HBF Arena. Led by a personal trainer, the students are enjoying participating in a variety of activities, including cycling, circuit training and boxing training.

Five students recently participated in the "Try a Trade" program run by North Metropolitan TAFE, Clarkson. The course, which ran over three days, gave them a taste of working in a variety of trades, including rendering, plastering and bricklaying. All students participated enthusiastically, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, my email address is:

Stephen McMahon

10-2 Teacher

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Year 11-1 are working hard to complete their final sections of their workbooks for all four ASDAN modules. Students are making hot snacks in Meal Preparation with a range of choices such as baked beans on toast, egg on toast, 2 minute noodles, toasted sandwiches, omelettes and mini pizzas.

Students have chosen to go to the gym at HBF Arena, AQWA and Zone Bowling as their Out in the Community excursions for this term.

Some students have new work placements this term such as IKEA and Pet City to assist in completing their ASDAN Workright files.

For DFES incursions, students have seen two Constable Care plays on cyberbullying and another about bullying and empathy.

Not only has Year 11-1 been busy working hard, but also having some fun while learning.

Thanks to Ms Thompson for including us in the Science Week incursion so that we got to meet a dingo, koala, lizard and a snake !!!

On our recent DFES excursion we attempted to light a fire the traditional way (not successful as we needed more time and skill), ground seed to make damper and plaited grass trees to make friendship bracelets. We tasted bush tucker such as cooked damper and kangaroo sausages then met some rescued and endangered native animals.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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It is hard to believe it is already half way through Term 3! Where has the time gone? Class 11-2 have been very busy so far this term in all areas of their schooling.

In English, students have continued exploring the topic of "Emotional Literacy." To date, students have studied the 'Thought-Behaviour-Emotion' cycle, how to promote positive self-talk, and how to maintain good self-esteem. In coming weeks, we will study the importance of self-worth and self-awareness.

This Semester, we have begun a 'Money Smart' Program in Maths that looks into students becoming a pet owner. Through this interactive and engaging program, students will learn how to calculate basic percentages, make connections between fractions, decimals and percentages, compare lengths and areas and interpret and compare data; all through owing their own pet!

Across both Health lessons, class 11-2 will continue to learn about conflict resolutions and protective behaviours. We will be focusing on problem solving, solution finding, keeping active and the importance of sleep.

ADWPL (work experience) has commenced again this term with students focusing on employment conditions and rules, working in a team environment and developing good work habits.

For PE this term, the class continues to merge with a Year 12 class to work through different events relating to the Athletics Carnival coming up later this term. Thus far, students have learned the four stages of sprinting (set, digging, driving and sprinting), recorded a 100m sprint time and they have registered a Long Jump distance.

Finally, in all Certificate and Endorsed Programs (Agri-Foods, Volunteering, Work Skills and Vocational Pathways and DFES) students are progressing well to complete each section and unit of competency by the end of the year.

So as you can see, a fast and furious start to Semester Two for Year 11-2; keep up the hard work!

Tom Cann

11-2 Teacher

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As we start our last semester of high school, students are nearing the end of their ASDAN module work. The class will be finalising all modules and putting the finishing touches on their work and files before Internal Moderation in Week 6. Once through this process students will be able to make any changes or corrections required before their work is submitted for External/State Moderation in September. All students have worked so hard across all 4 modules and it is pleasing to see their efforts reflected in their work files.

Well done 12-1!!

The class went on a wet visit to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre for DFES where we learnt all about "Deadly and Dangerous" animals. The guide took them on a hunt through the bush looking for clues to identify specific deadly or dangerous animals. Students were very good at identifying the animal based on the few clues given. The group was then able to practice their first aid with a partner and a given emergency scenario to do with a deadly or dangerous animal.

Then it was time to meet some local reptiles. Lizards and snakes were introduced to the students who were able to touch, if brave enough, the slithering creatures.

The class business continues to run raising much needed funds for the Perth Hills Bushfire Appeal. The weather has hampered the Car Washing at times but when able to the students do an excellent job.

At the end of Term 2 students researched a leisure activity which involved finding out its cost, how to get there etc. They then planned their travel and the money required to pay for the activity. Students chose Zone Bowling in Joondalup and a great time was had by all with some fantastic bowling by Chloe and Marshall.

WPL has commenced for Semester Two with most students in new placements. We look forward to honing our work skills over the next few months in readiness for finishing school.

We have a busy and enjoyable term coming up in 12-1.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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The 12-2 class has commenced Term Three with enthusiasm and motivation throughout their programs and are beginning the countdown to Graduation!

The class has been working through the final unit of the Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways which includes researching the food hygiene standards in Western Australia. This has been incorporated into our practical Cobra Café lessons where the students continue to impress with a Winter Warmer menu every Monday. So far customers have enjoyed fish and chips, pumpkin soup and apple and rhubarb crumble.

In Keys4Life lessons, we went outside and used markers and trundle wheels to estimate vehicle stopping distance (reaction time + braking time) at a variety of speeds. It was extremely interesting to see how far a car travels within that timeframe. We also enjoyed discovering how driving is a 'complex task' by participating in a group game where the 'driver' was required to order playing cards into suits from lowest to highest whilst answering passenger questions and looking out for hazards and their surroundings.

DFES classes have been focused on the fire triangle and how to prevent fires. All Year 12 DFES students travelled to Perth Hills to participate in the Deadly and Dangerous excursion and are looking forward to the week eight excursion to Jandakot Emergency Rescue Helicopter Service.

Most students have transitioned well into new work experience placements for ADWPL including Mullaloo Coastal Care, Woolworths Ocean Keys and Activ Property Care.

Well done to the students for their attendance, punctuality, professional attire and positive work attitudes.

Lauren Thompson

12-2 Teacher

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