EA OPT General Assembly Follow Up

Meeting Date: Thursday, October 8th, 2020, 6 PM

Thank you for joining us!

Thank you for attending the OPT General Assembly Meeting on Thursday, 10/8! As an OPT we discussed the upcoming Halloween event, future fundraising opportunities, brainstormed events to bring our community together virtually, reviewed how OPT funds are currently supporting our school community through grants and committees, voted in a new Board member to the VP of Family Engagement (welcome back Keri Sliger!), passed the 2020-2021 budget and heard a principal’s update from our very own Mrs. Morey.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 5th at 6 PM. Meeting details will be posted on the OPT Facebook page as well as sent out via email as we near the event date. We look forward to “seeing” you then!

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A Spooky and Safe Halloween for EA! (Friday, 10/30)

Contact: Doug Mangini at dougmangini@hotmail.com

While everything may look a little different this year, we can adapt and still have fun! In loo of Truck-or-Treat, we will be hosting a Spooky Storytime via Zoom in the early evening on October 30th, as well as preparing pre-packed treat bags for every student to enjoy. If your child is attending EA in person, they will receive their treat bag at their designated pick-up time on Friday, October 30th, while teachers wave to them in costume. If your child does not attend in-person yet, or is a part of the Online Academy, we invite you to join in on the fun and attend the pick-up parade! Times and more details will be provided as we near the event.

In order to make this event a success, we need YOUR help! We are looking for volunteers to:

· Be a Spooky Story Reader (currently in need of readers for 3, 4 and 5) - The school can provide the Halloween themed books if you need ideas on what to read!
· Donate candy (no nuts!) and/or non-candy items for the treat bags

If you want to be a reader, please reach out to Doug Mangini directly. If you are able to donate candy or non-candy items, there will be a bin outside the office for you to drop your donations. Thank you in advance!

Academic Support Fee, Corporate Matching and Spring Auction

In light of the fact that we will be unable to hold events in person this year we have reduced the academic support fee to $50/student (with a reduced rate for each additional child) for the 20/21 school year. This can be paid directly to OPT via Square.

Academic Support Fee: https://checkout.square.site/buy/BHPNZR4YAF2CQUWQCFC6WO5I, Additional children:


Don’t forget that you can DOUBLE your donation with corporate matching! If you don’t know if your company matches, be sure to inquire as this is an awesome and easy way to support our OPT!

This spring we plan to hold a VIRTUAL AUCTION! In order to make this a success, the planning needs to start now and we need your help, connections and talents.Together we are better! We will need help in the following areas:

· Procuring auction items (Be creative! Use your connections!)

· Volunteers for organizing the event (Are you a marketing pro? A great writer? Have past auction experience? We need YOU!)

If you are interested in helping in any manner, reach out to our VP of Fundraising, Julia, at jvgendel@gmail.com.

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Doing, Supporting and What’s to come?

· Community Building Fund: OPT has offered EA classroom (in-person and online) teachers $100 to use toward building community in their classroom at their discretion. We look forward to seeing and hearing how these funds are used!

· Social Justice Committee: As previously mentioned, this is a parent and staff based committee dedicated to finding ways to bring social awareness to our EA community through a variety of channels. The most recent contribution is a grant available to every classroom teacher to purchase books that they feel broaden the children’s view of the world around them. Passionate about social justice, have ideas, experience or simply want to be a part of the conversation? Contact Beth Yost at bvyost@gmail.com.

· Assemblies: Assemblies are a valuable part of the EA experience and while these events cannot take place in-person this year, they will still take place virtually and OPT will still help fund these events. Mrs. Ashmore is hard at work researching ideas and we look forward to hearing and seeing more soon!

The 2020/2021 Budget

Contact: Doug Mangini, evergreenopt.treasurer@outlook.com

Treasurer, Doug Mangini, shared the budget and updated the community regarding our current financial status. Even though we were unable to hold the much-anticipated auction this past spring, we will still be able to provide the same level of OPT support as last year. Additionally, we opted to manage our reserve funds conservatively in an effort to set-up a reserve for future boards.

Don’t forget to submit your (reduced) Academic Support Fee and use Corporate Matching to DOUBLE your donation!

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Let’s get connected!

An important part of the EA Community is FAMILY ENGAGEMENT. What does that look like in the world today? We’re not sure…but we’re committed to figuring it out!

Our newly elected VP of Family Engagement, Keri Sliger, is passionate about keeping the community feeling alive and well at EA – virtually! Now more than ever, we need YOUR HELP! Below is an abbreviated list of ideas discussed during the meeting. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this awesome brainstorm session! See something you would be interested in helping with or maybe even leading? Have another idea? Contact Keri Sliger at kerisliger@gmail.com.

Note: All events would be held virtually via Zoom

Possible Ideas:

· STEM Night (pre-purchased and packaged kits with parent volunteer leading)
· Directed Draw
· Family Trivia Night
· Virtual Talent Show
· Storytime with Mrs. Morey
· Home Depot Kit Building
· Gingerbread House Building
· Secret Santa/Holiday Gift Swap
· Parent and/or Family Workout Groups
· Mocha Mondays or Coffee Social Hours

It’s been a great start to the year, even if it looks different! Grades K-1 returned to school on October 5th and 2nd/3rd will return on October 19th. Per the Wednesday email from Mrs. Morey, the rollout will continue unless we are otherwise notified. Others items discussed were:

· Virtual Event Guide Coming from Operations: This will help Mrs. Ashmore find events that will work for our school community. This includes unique and adapted ideas for field trips and assemblies, some which are free, others that are not. Have reached out to local programs as they too have adjusted to circumstances and new safety measures.

· Parent Workshops: Mrs. Morey will share information in future Smores

· Ski School: Will still be held (with safety measures in place) and information went home on Thursday.

· Covid Response: Mrs. Morey went into great detail regarding the timeline of events that took place on 10/7 and answered all parent questions. Should you wish to see the full meeting minutes, please contact the OPT Board.

Have questions or ideas? Feel free to reach out to any Board member. We want to hear from you!

Next General Assembly Meeting: Thursday, November 5th at 6 PM (Zoom)

About Us

About Us

You can find us on Amazon Smile under ""Organization of Parents and Teachers of Evergreen Academy".

Thank you for your support!

Your 2020-2021 OPT Board:

President: Melinda Kong

VP of Fundraising: Julia Kulyk

VP of Family Engagement: Keri Sliger

Secretary: Kim Kertson

Treasurer: Doug Mangini