Brandi Chastain

Biography by: Maddie Taylor

Brandi Chastain's early childhood

Brandi Chastain was born on July 21, 1968, in San Jose, California. She started playing soccer when she was eight years old and fell in love with it. Her brothers name is Chad Chastain. Her parents names are Lark and Roger Chastain. Both of her parents died at age 50. She went to Mitty High School.

Brandi's College Years

As you already know, Brandi was an extraordinary athlete. She went to the University of California on an athletic scholarship. She then transferred to Santa Clara University.

Did Brandi have any injury's?

Brandi injured both of her knees and had to have surgery on both legs. She did not play soccer for two years after her surgery.

Getting Started

Brandi was named to the U.S. soccer team in 1995 as a sub forward. Then, for a while, she played professional soccer in Japan. Then, in September of 1995, she rejoined the U.S. soccer team. When she rejoined, instead of her playing her usual position on the field, the team wanted her to be a defender. She had never played that position before, but practiced and gave it her best.

Answering the Questions

I believe that Brandi had a positive effect on society because she was an amazing player and tried her best at everything she did. She was a woman who showed people that girls were athletic. Her parents both died at a very young age, 50, and I think that that would change a persons life. The adjectives I would use to describe her are positive, tough, athletic, and fun. I would say that Brandi overcame obstacles, and took risks, She had to practice very hard to get to be the great soccer player she is now. I chose her because I am interested in soccer and she seemed to be a interesting person to research. Brandi won two Olympic Gold medals and two women world cup Championships. Brandi kicked the wining goal for one of the World Cups.

Fun Fact

-Brandi once kicked a goal for the opposing team

-She started playing soccer when she was eight

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