Volunteer Grant 2015

Due date: by 2pm Wednesday 9/12/15

Interested in applying for this grant from the Federal Government?

This grant has not been available for the last 2 years, so here's your big chance.

If you've not already checked it out, go to www.dss.gov.au and follow the link on the right hand side to Volunteer Grants 2015. NB You need to use Internet Explorer as your browser to open the pdf (I struggled for ages using Chrome!)

Make sure you read all the eligible items that you can apply for - there's a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $5000. It is specifically to help the volunteers within your group - that is, the parent helpers, the adult leaders, and your Support Group. It is NOT for items for your girls.

In the past we have had to use Guides NSW/ACT as our sponsoring body, but now the Board has advised we can use Guides ACT Incorporated as the sponsoring body. This is because the Government wants to only provide grants to a corporate body, one that is legally able to enter a contract. All our groups at unit/district/support group level are considered unincorporated bodies.

The advice on the website is that the success of any applications will not be provided until May 2016 - so don't rely on this money in your budget!

If you choose to make an application, here are the things you'll need to put in it:


Q1. Select - Our organisation is a legal entity and is sponsoring a community group....

Q2. GUIDES ACT Incorporated

Q3. Known by a different name:

Girl Guides Association ACT & SE NSW Region

Q4. Yes

Q5. Incorporated Association

Q6. Yes 64 603 362 319

Q7. Incorporation Number A03853 State: ACT

Q8. Yes


First contact person

Mrs Fiona Langford

Position in Organisation - administration

T: 0262477736 m: 0432528732 e: pflangford@grapevine.net.au

Second contact person

Mrs Beryl Blaseotto

Position in Organisation - President

T: 0262477230 e: blas@internode.on.net

Q10 16 Newman Street Yarralumla

Business T: 0262825328 e: gga.act@bigpond.net.au

Leave website blank

Q11 X Same as Q10 above


Q12 Use YOUR Group name eg Black Mountain Girl Guide District OR 1st Woop Woop Girl Guides OR Fairyland Girl Guide Support Group or whatever it is. Just try to have "Girl Guides" somewhere in the title

Q13 The street address of your meeting place (I couldn't get the address I was using for demo purposes to validate, so if that's your problem, just X Unable to validate business address)

Q14 Your group's postal address, or your own if you don't have a postbox for the group.

Continue with the rest of your info.


Q24 BSB 032 729 Account Number 155783

Account Name Guides ACT Incorporated

Continue with your information.

Please let me know if you make an application - incl the amount sought and what you are looking at funding.

Good Luck

Fiona Langford