Deja Vu, have we met before?

by: Anya Hill

Why did you choose Deja Vu?

I chose Deja Vu as my topic because I get it semi often and would like to know what it is in an exact sense.

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a sensation when you feel as though what is happening to you currently has happened to you previously.

The Brain

When experiencing deja vu you may have a strong feeling that the current events have happened to you before this may be caused by you're brain remembering a place or event that had a very similar configuration or layout to the one you're in now. Others believe it may be due to your brain mistaking the present for the past and some even believe that maybe it could be linked to a past-life experience. Some Researchers have pointed out disturbances of the medial temporal lobe as the reason behind deja vu.


important research/experiments? names?

A paper by Anne Cleary, Anthony Ryals, and Jason Nomi in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review stated that an experiment where patients are shown drawn scenery and then shown a picture of a place that has a similar layout to the drawings. The patients experience a strong feeling that they've seen this place. This is due to your brain remembering the layout of the drawing and trying to recall that when shown the similar picture.

A study published in the March issue of Clinical Neurophysiology analyzed the patterns of EEG signals from the rhinal cortices, hippocampus and amygdala in epileptic patients for whom deja vu could be induced by electrical stimulation.

Interesting Facts

Deja vu occurs in 60-70% people between the ages of 15 and 25