Teaching an Art Lesson

ESU Elementary Art Final by Claire Yost

Lesson Checklist

  1. Start a checklist.
  2. Create a lesson plan.
  3. Type lesson plan.
  4. Obtain lesson materials.
  5. Create a sample project.
  6. Take photos of materials and set up.
  7. Take photos of kids participation.
  8. Create a reflection.
  9. Turn in to Canvas.


  1. Popsicle sticks glued together in snowflake shape
  2. Twine to hang ornament
  3. Paint
  4. Paint brushes
  5. Markers
  6. Glue
  7. Old tablecloth or newspaper

Set Up and Lesson Plan

  1. Discuss the fact that no 2 snowflakes look the same.
  2. Introduce different materials that can be used to decorate the ornament.
  3. Show students a finished ornament.

Click here to view the lesson plan.

* I didn't get a picture of me going over the set up with the kids. I did present the set up for my project after Mynn.

Having a Blast!

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Time to Reflect

Mynette and I decided to join forces for this lesson. We chose to each do a lesson creating Christmas tree ornaments for the kids to give as gifts. Overall, the lesson went smoothly and the kids really seemed to enjoy creating their ornaments.

We began by having the kids gather around us while we each explained our projects. Because Mynn's project involved her painting the kids fingers one at a time, the kids started working on my snowflake ornaments and then individually met with Mynn to start her ornament project. While we waited for Mynn's ornaments to dry the kids completed the snowflake ornaments.

Once the snowflake ornaments were painted and setting out to dry, Mynn and I gathered the kids for a little circle time. We showed them a cartoon video about how to make a snowman. After the video, the kids worked together to draw a snowman, one snowman body part at a time. The kids really seemed to like this activity. Next, we read a book called Bialosky's Christmas.

By the time we finished up with circle time, the paint on both of the ornament projects were dry. My project was mostly done unless the kids needed or wanted to add some finishing touches. Otherwise, the kids finished working on Mynn's project. While I enjoyed a sense of relief from being done with my lesson I sat and watched Mynn finish up her lesson. She is so great with children and will make a wonderful teacher so it was a treat to watch her and be able to pay close attention to her teaching.

Like I said before, our lesson went over really well. It helped that we both had activities planned so that way the kids always had something to work on. At the end of the lesson I was surprised by how much the kids enjoyed creating their ornaments and taking part in the whole lesson. I would definitely do both of these projects with kids again in the future.

Final Projects

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Candid Photos