9-1-1 Water

H2O is important!

Why is H2O important to the human body?

H2O (Water) is important to the human body, not only because it helps us stay alive, it also keeps us healthy, durable, active, and makes us feel better. We might be lucky for having clean water, but Flint, Michigan isn't. The water source has switched with Detroit's water, causing citizens to drink infected (lead) water, and the salt from the rivers have been infecting the old water pipes. These people haven't been reported for 9 months, and have been getting poison water for the past 18 month. Children have been obtaining uneven levels of lead in their blood that can cause lifelong effects on their brains and nervous systems, which affects their lifestyle. The Governor, Rick Snyder has committed $10.6 million to try to fix the water pipes, so residents will be able to drink healthier water. With your support, we can donate 750 bottles of water, and if we get even MORE than that, we can make Flint even better! Kids will finally be able to drink clean water, family's will be able to wash their clothes, and take baths, and things will be back to normal before this tragedy appeared!


When: April 11th- April 21st 2016

Where: St. Bernard of Clairvaux school drop- off will be at front of office

How: By donating a packed box or 1 bottle of water (not used)