First Colored T.V.



Before the colored television, life was a lot different. RCA laboratory staff were the ones to invent the first colored television system that was compatible with monochrome (black and white; as that's what t.v. was before.) . But it wasn't all good after that new "great" invention.

A company called CBS created a colored t.v. system but the system was bulky, flickered, and was not compatible with earlier black and white sets. RCA tried to stop CBS's broadcasting systems by suing them.

To top that, Color t.v. was halted during the Korean War. With that and lawsuits, and the sluggish sales it was having, the CBS system failed.

Life before Television

People found other ways to amuse themselves before t.v. was invented. Most of which those activities were outside, getting together with friends or family, or listening to the radio. The radio was invented in 1895 by 2 people. Heinrich Hertz, who discovered existence of radio waves, and Gugliemo Marconi who invented "the wireless telegraph" otherwise known as a transmitter and receiver; earlier stage of the radio.
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Monochrome success!

Black and white television has become a success by the early 1900's. 10 million set were sold and new television channels were offered to the public.
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Before colored t.v.

In 1904, a German patent conducted the earliest known proposal for a colored t.v. set. Vladimir Zworykin filed disclosure of an all electronic color t.v. system in 1925.
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Colored Television

RCA developed the first colored t.v. set that was compatible with black and white sets, on October 9th, 1951. RCA then produced a successful color system and started commercial broadcasting authorized by FCC in 1953. In 1972, colored sets were becoming a lot more popular than black and white sets, costing between $1,000-$1,300.
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Color t.v progresses slowly

In the early months of 1954, less than 8,500 colored t.v. sets were sold in the U.S. Those that did have colored t.v. sets, only a percentage of networks were in color.
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Color breakthrough

1966-1967 all broadcasting networks were forced to change from black & white, to color for colored t.v. sets. January 1968, reserchers found that households with colored t.v. sets were watching 40-70 minutes more daily then households with black and white sets.
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