The Korean War 1950-1953

By Matthew Exler and Justin Vollmer

Information on the war

Map and background detail

Our map represent Korea,broken up into two different countries. It will help us under stand the war because it shows how much land both of them have. Also it shows the border. North Korea is in the red, they were trying to take over South Korea so they could make the whole countrie a communist party and also a dictator ship. This is because there leader in North Korea Kim ll-Sung wanted to have more power then he did originally. The blue represents South Korea. They did not have a dictatorship and did nothing to bother North Korea. When South Korea were being invaded, Harry. S. Truman had sent troops to help South Korea because he did not want World War lll.


The reason why issues from the Korean War differed from the issues from the U.S. Civil War is because in the American Civil War they fought not to have slaves while in the Korean War North Korea had fought to take over South Korea. The issues that were being fought over were to take over South Korea. This is because countries Like China and Russia were joining forces with North Korea. The reason why these three countries had worked together are for two main reasons. One, they all loved communism and they all wanted to be known as countries not to mess with. The leader in Russia was Joseph Stalin originally he was Americas allie because we both had a common enemy which was Germany. Also China's leader at the time was Mao Zedong. They compare to the U.S Civil War because both Korea and america were fighting them selves. Even though that they did not have the same purpose of fighting they still fought them selves.

Precursor Events

No none of the precursor events remind us of how it had happened in the American Civil War. What had starred the war was Kim ll Sung wanting all of Korea and not just half. So on June 25,1950 75,000 North Korean soldiers poured across the 38th parallel to South Korea. This is what had started the War. Soon after they called America for aid where President Truman had no option only to accept because he did not want to have World War lll. The theme that we noticed in The American Civil War and The Korean War is to try to get along with one another or it could end up to be a war.


Kim II sung- He was the dictator of North Korea.

Douglas MacArthur- He was one of the most powerful american military officers.

Harry S Truman- He was he president at the time of the war

Syngnam Rhee- Leader of South Korea

Mao Zedong- Leader of China

Joseph Stalin- Leader of the USSR(Russia)

This Relates to the American Civil War because anybody who is going to be fighting a war needs to know what they are doing and need generals and leaders so they can come up with a plan to defeat the opposing side.

Arms and Army

North Korea had a higher advantage because they had more resources and technology. For example they both had types weapons that were very popular and used during the Korean war. Like the Rocket launcher, M9A1 2.36, the M18 57 mm recoil less rifle,Projector Infantry, Anti Tank,etc. All of these weapons that could kill people or take out buildings. The strengths of each side are, in North Korea they had a plan to take over South Korea and then take over America. And in South Korea there strength was to have the determination not for North Korea to take over there land. This was because then it would never be a democracy again.

Resources and Technology

The reason why resources and technology influence the outcome of civil wars are because if one has more technology than another it could be used as an advantage and be able to kill more people or what ever the case is. Also the reason why resources also can influence a war is because if people do not have that much water/food then they will not be able to survive and it would cause them to either retreat or starve to death. Both North and South have resources such as food but the North has more fire power than the South. The type of technology that were used during the Korean War are machine guns,tanks,telephone,walkie talkies,etc.


South Korea and North Korea had alliances. Alliances can influence a war because you can be more powerful and outnumber the opposing side. This could complicate the war because you have more countries against you then just one. South Korea had America. In North Korea they had China and Russia. The effect that they had was that China, Russia, and North Korea all were strong together against South Korea and America.


The Korean War had problems with society during the aftermath because so many peoples homes were destroyed that they had to move to America because they wanted to make there childrens lives better because they did not know what would happen to Korea in the future. There was no movement that had occurred during the Korean War.


In graph one you see the population of South Korea.

In Graph two you see the economy of North Korea 1950 to present time.

In Graph three you see both North and South Korea's population rise.

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