Energy Transfers

Five types of energy transfers

Sound Energy

You get sound energy when an object vibrates. The vibration then creates a sound. The sound then goes through the air and you are able to hear it. An example of sound energy would be a dogs bark. When a dog barks its vocal cords vibrate and makes a sound for all to hear.
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Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is achieved with the movement of an object. The faster that an object is moving, the more kinetic energy it is able to produce. An example of kinetic energy would be a boy playing basketball. The boy throws the ball through the hoop and is therefore using kinetic energy.
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Electrical Energy

Electricity is achieve through the movement of electrons. When you plug something in, electrons start moving really fast. This causes electricity which makes things operate. An example would be using my Playstation 3. I need to plug the PS3 in so that it produces electricity. It needs electricity for the PS3 to work.
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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is produced when there is a change in the nucleus of an atom. The sun gives off nuclear energy. An example of nuclear energy in use is Nuclear Power plants. Nuclear Power Plants make nuclear energy that generates electricity.
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Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is achieved through the motion and position of an object. Mechanical energy uses both kinetic and potential energy to work. An example of Mechanical energy would be someone peddling on a bike. You are moving the pedals and therefore the bike moves also.
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