The Maple Room

Children at Work 10.5 - 10.9

Creating a Play

This week, four children collaboratively wrote and performed a play. They used a collection of hollow blocks and sheer fabric to construct the set and small pieces of paper attached to clip boards to compose their ideas. Their imaginations ran rampant.

On Friday, Katie Kirkpatrick (mom of Indie Le Bernet) came to help the children put the final touches on their play. The performance was splendid, and can be viewed below. Thanks to the delightful cast of four children, and the remarkable audience.

Children continually remind us that learning is everywhere. Here's to the beauty of the emergent curriculum, student ideas, and PLAY.

Maple Play: 1

This Week in Block Play

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Children typically spend an entire week in the block area. Structures are left up, and continually added to throughout the week. Through block play children are exploring their communities, sharing their interests and trying on those of others, working collaboratively, problem solving, and providing additional context to the already lovely work they do across the day.

When you've some spare time perhaps you'd like to check out The Block Book by Elizabeth Hirsch.

Observational Drawings and Labeling in the Garden

This week we visited the Carlton Bears Community Garden. The garden is a commons, a shared space that we are all responsible for. While visiting the garden this past Friday, children did some observational drawing. They added labels to their work, and they shared their noticing and knowledge of shared spaces with a group of visiting educators looking to learn more about 'bringing the outside in'.

While at the garden, one child replied, "there is so much air here," when asked what he liked most about the green space.

Several other children could be overheard discussing a patch of kale. Others were seen expressing concern over a pile of rotting apples. We found a 'bee box'. We explored the secret path for the first time this school year.

In the midst of their exploration, a child, accidentally toppled a stack of bricks atop a large earth worm. Accidents happen, and this was most certainly one. This prompted concern in some, fury and confusion in others. As with many things, a beautiful conversation was the result. It went a little something like this.

"He killed the worm."

"Let's not be his friend anymore?"

"I will never not be his friend. I will always be his friend. I'm just a little upset that he killed my favorite land animal."

Guided Math - Exploring all of the Ways to Make Different Numbers and Creating Inventories

Connecting with the Community

While one our way back from the garden, we met Kareem. Kareem sells books and records just around the corner from our school. On his birthday, he likes to give something away. To our benefit, it was Kareem's birthday this past Friday. He gave each child a book to take home, and we purchased two records from him. To express our gratitude, we made Kareem a birthday card. Thanks to Indie, Ollie, Kai, and Kenya for delivering it after dismissal.

Continuing to Share Small Moments

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