Kings Canyon

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In this s'more I will be talking about what is at Kings Canyon and what to do there.

Whats there

There are tons of stuff there, whether it comes to hikes, animals, food, or activities. there are a pretty big portion of stuff to do once you get there.


There are also lots of activity's like hiking, special events like festivals and museums that you can go to.
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this is an event that happened at Kings Canyon


There are tons of animals at Kings Canyon and some of the animals there are: The Stellers Jay, deer , the endangered Sirerra Nevada Bighorn sheep, lizards, the California King snake,black bears and brown bears. That is just some of the animals there.

What to wear

It would be cold and hot because if you went on a mountain hike and you were going pretty high you would want some jeans and light jacket at least.If you were just staying low you could were shorts and a T-shirt.

Ready to go

Now you know what you would be doing there or seeing there at Kings Canyon and your ready to go.
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