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Whatsuup! How are you enjoying your holidays currently?

AIESEC UPM Newsletter serves to update you on the hottest news happening in every department recently, so that you would always get haunted, ops, I mean cared by us even though we are far apart physically. So are you excited to check out whatssup with AUPM recently?

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You have heard about oh, our LC has goals? But do you know about our LC's goal, and do you know how much we are progressing there?

If you remember, we have been always talking about every number that we achieved, is a life story and an experience that we successfully impacted.

And now, do you know how much have we done?

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As you could see, almost all of our goals achievement are below 50%. Claiming as a high performing team, what are we lacking, are we already at our best before this term ends?

For team leaders, SONA report is already out. Is it time for you to look at the statistics and number to analyse on what is going wrong with you strategy all these while? For members, do you know about these goals, and do you embrace it as your responsibility ?

'Every youth in UPM realizes his role in driving nation's development', we always complain people do not know about AIESEC, people do not know about these awareness and great things we are doing, of developing youths and leadership, but how do we achieve when our numbers show us that the amount of experiences created are so few ?

And what can we do, in the remaining days, to bridge all these gaps of our LC?

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Its MyLDS!

In this coming biggest national conference, we hope to see each of you setting your own goals to make full use of your conference experience. Hence, do pay attention during PreMyLDS, and do start thinking about how you could help our LC from now? Could you learn some good case practise from other LCs? Could you approach MC to ask them things you are in doubt? Remember, every single voice matters. If you have anything in your mind, be the one to lead out the way, action matters.

Information Management Team (MaC AUPM)

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