Most Things Turn Out Unexpectedly

Gracie Geist

When you do anything and expect it to turn out one way, sometimes it turns out to be completely different. Most times it turns out unexpected, it can be a positive turn. I've learned to just live and enjoy, and everything will fall into place.
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Mindy Holstad

camp counselor, helped increase my relationship with God and my love for God, helped me see things I hadn't before, made camp fun

Jo Holck

camp counselor, helped increase my love for God and relationship with God, helped me increase my faith, made camp amazing, taught me about things that matter and things that don't

Morgan Keen

close friend, went to camp with me, taught me to get closer with God, taught me to be more thankful and grateful for certain things

Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp

Sunday, June 22nd, 3pm to Friday, June 27th, 5pm

Story City, IA, United States

Story City, IA

Youthworks Mission Trip - Wind River, Wyoming

Saturday, July 26th, 7:15am to Sunday, Aug. 3rd, 5am

Wind River Indian Reservation, Fremont County, WY, United States


I'm just continuing to grow in my faith. I never knew before I went to these events, that people and those events could have such a big impact on me. I didn't think that camp, a mission trip, and confirmation class could have turned out this way. This contributes to the theme-most things turn out unexpectedly.

Faith | a short film
Most things turn out unexpectedly. In the video above, it is related to someone's faith. This person's faith, and the turning made his life turn out differently.