American System

By:Alyssa Holt

What was the American System?

This was a plan to stregthen and unify our nation!
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Key components of the American System:

A few key components of the American System were:

  • establish a protective tariff
  • a tax on all imported goods that made European goods more expensive
  • establish a national bank with one currency
  • improve the country's transportation systems

Nationalism vs. Sectionalism

Nationalism: pride, loyalty and protectiveness to your country

Sectionalism: Loyalty to the interests of your own region or section of the country, rather than to the nation as a whole. This was a threat to nationalism.

Dangers of Sectionalism: sectionalism can divide a country if is gets to out of control.

Henry Clay

Roles Clay played:

  • Leader of Whig party
  • Secretary of state under John Adams
  • Speaker of house of representatives (longer than anyone else in 19th century)
  • Nationalist
Henry Clay's American System