Westview Wildcat Weekly

October 19 - Oct 23, 2020

Newsletter for WHS Students and Families

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Westview Students and Families,

We hope you had the opportunity to join us for our Virtual Back-to-School Night. If you missed the event, all videos and link are below, and we always welcome you to visit your teacher's Canvas home pages for their videos and course information.

The end of this upcoming week marks the end of our first six weeks. Be sure to check StudentVue and ParentVue for your most current progress marks after this Friday, October 23.

We look forward to supporting you in any way that we can. Please reach out if you need anything.

Thank you.

Matt Pedersen

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Virtual Back-to-School Night


Westview Community,

This year’s Back-To-School Night will be held virtually. You will find a welcome video below that also explains how to navigate through our event. After reviewing the links below, you are encouraged to go to the Canvas home page for each of your student’s teachers. Each teacher’s page has a welcome video waiting for you. We are excited for you to get a chance to hear from our teachers and staff!

Thank you for partnering with us!

Here are some links to get you started:

Welcome Video

A Message from Your Westview Counselors

Back to School Student Welcome

Learning Time During CDL

Message from our Athletic Director

Now, please be sure to access your student’s teachers through their Canvas pages:

Have a great night!

Please reach out to any of us if you need anything.

~ Your WHS Administrative Team

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Westview Community Feedback Survey

We are driven to continuously celebrate what is working and improve in areas needed. Please take the time to complete this short survey to tell us how things are going.

Westview Community Feedback

Thank you!

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Health Curriculum Review

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Due to the online nature of our instruction this year, it easiest to review the Health curriculum during the quarter your student is in a Health class.

As always, you are welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Health 1

Dear Health 1 Parents:

Welcome to Health 1! Health 1 Apex Overview.pdf is an overview of the lessons we will be covering in Apex this quarter, they are highlighted in yellow. The lessons are also listed in the parent Canvas course in the modules (along with the study guides). However, in order to view the lessons in their entirety, you will need to have your child log-in to Apex through their Canvas course. For this reason, you will not be able to view the full lessons until the quarter for Health 1 starts for your child. From there you can click on the lessons we will cover to view content. To join the parent Canvas course to preview curriculum you can join with this link: https://bsd.instructure.com/enroll/8KPRPE

Please note, the sexual health unit begins at the start of week 6 of the course, so you will have 5 weeks from the start of the quarter to review the lessons in that unit. Please click this link below for opt-out information including the form (“Exemption from Instruction” near the bottom of the page): https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/departments/curriculum-instruction-assessment/health-secondary

All other lessons (not in Apex) are in the parent Canvas course and can be viewed by clicking on them in the modules.

Thank you,

The Health 1 Team

Health 2

Here is a link to the Health 2 class Canvas page (https://bsd.instructure.com/courses/82849). Everything is up so our community can find all the presentations, assignments, and information for the Sexual Health Unit at the very bottom of the Modules section.

Opting Out

We are always welcome to work alongside our parents and guardians if you questions or concerns. Know that you can always contact your Health teacher.

Please click this link below for opt-out information including the form (“Exemption from Instruction” near the bottom of the page): https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/departments/curriculum-instruction-assessment/health-secondary
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College Week!

Beaverton School District is hosting a "Senior College Information Week" October 26-29.

The picture includes and document below provides more information.

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Westview Works - Starts October 21!

Need extra time and/or support?
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From Westview Technology Team

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Technology News and Updates

New this week on our WHS Technology for Parents and Students Site http://bit.ly/whsfuture:

Does your student need Tech Help?

Every Wednesday after Advisory I will be available in my Zoom room from 10:45-11:30 for any student that needs help. In the weeks to come, I am hoping to offer small model lessons on tools they can use in your class. Let me know if there is a tool you would like me to share! Here's the link

Do you know…

Test Prep

Do you have students that want to do some Test Prep? Our amazing Linda Dean put together this helpful resource.

Read&Write + Text Help

Everyone in the BSD has a Pro account for Read & Write. Read & Write is a powerful tool that can help students highlight, read, and translate webpages. In addition Text Help (another extension in conjunction with Read and Write) does essentially what Kami did: annotate (most) any .pdf. Students can write comments in the margins, use highlighters, shapes, and even add pictures or sounds to their annotations. Click here for the links to add these extensions to your Chromebook.

Student Tech Skills:

We are a few weeks into CDL, but you might still be struggling with how to use Zoom, you Chromebook, Canvas, or StudentVue. Here is a slidedeck that might help. http://bit.ly/studenttechhelp20

Library Events:

Check out our newsletter for upcoming library events: http://bit.ly/whsfuture

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From College and Career Center

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College Rep Visits Update

Senior College Week Oct. 26th-29th, 6:30pm: The Beaverton School District is hosting an event each evening to help students and families gain further understanding of the college access process. For an hour each evening a topic will be covered by experts in the field. There is an English presenter, and a Spanish presenter scheduled each night. Interpreters in other languages will also be available. The range of topics is from FAFSA/ORSAA to applying to a 4 year private school to how to write a strong essay to the benefits of community college. Join as many of the events as you like. There will also be dedicated time for questions and answers for our WHS community, provided by our counselors.

College Rep Visits are Underway!

Over 200 College Rep Visits are coming to you virtually. Often these people are the first readers of admissions applications and it's a great way to learn facts about a college which are not on their website.

Virtual College Rep Visits that occur during school hours at Westview High School are for students only. If parents, families, and other community members have questions, we encourage you to contact those colleges directly for further information. – Virtual visits are suggested for Juniors and Seniors.

To see the full calendar and sign up for a presentation by a college rep, students go to your Grade Level Class or All Student page in Canvas.

Here is a list of upcoming rep visits:

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Last Week's Newsletter

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Two Important District Announcements

CDL Extended Until February 8

Dear BSD Community,

At last night’s School Board meeting, administrators announced plans to extend Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) through the end of first semester (February 8) for grades 4-12. We continue to consider extending CDL through February 8 for grades Pre K-3.

Grades 4-12

We’ve been watching the county and state COVID-19 metrics closely. While the Beaverton School District is located in Washington County, we’re linked with Multnomah County because more than 10% of our employees live in that neighboring county. To be able to start hybrid learning (part in-school/part CDL) for grades 4-12, the following metrics would have to be met:

  • 10 or fewer cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people in Washington (and Multnomah) County over 7 days for 3 weeks in a row
  • Test positivity of 5% or less in Washington (and Multnomah) County over 7 days for 3 weeks in a row
  • Test positivity of 5% or less statewide over 7 days for 3 weeks in a row

Given the trajectory of the health metrics, we don’t believe that we’ll realistically meet those numbers by November 16, the end of the first quarter. We have previously communicated that we’d be making the decision to continue in CDL on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

Grades Pre K-3

As established by Governor Kate Brown, the criteria for starting hybrid learning with Pre K-3 students is different:

  • 30 or fewer cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people in Washington (and Multnomah) County over 7 days for 3 weeks in a row
  • Test positivity of 5% or less in Washington (and Multnomah) County over 7 days for 3 weeks in a row
  • COVID-19 is not actively spreading in the school community

Again, current health metrics aren’t trending in a positive direction. However, we’ll wait until October 19 to make a final decision for the quarter.

Know that if we were to see a drastic change in metrics or the Oregon Department of Education/Oregon Health Authority changed the guidance, we could alter our decision. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible so that your family can make plans accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support.

Social and Political Expression

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Everything to know about Yearbook is on the Westview website under activities.

*Senior Portrait Photo requirements and submission Info.

*Yearbook Purchasing Pricing and link to Jostens website for purchasing.

*Senior Recognition Adds info and link for purchasing.. (For Parents)

*Here is the link to the site. https://westview.beaverton.k12.or.us/activities/yearbook

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Technology Support

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BHS Family Toolkit

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Westview Zoom Norms and Expectations

Students - This is our virtual classroom. Let’s keep it a positive space that is conducive to learning. We’ve got this!

  • Be sure you are logged into your BSD student account.

  • Show up to class a couple of minutes early and wait to be admitted.

  • We will ask that you identify yourself with your preferred first and last name before your teacher welcomes you in from the waiting room.

  • We look forward to hearing your thoughts and joining conversations, but please keep your audio on mute until you want to speak. This will help limit background noise.

  • Whenever possible, find a quiet place free of distractions (siblings, parents, television, etc.)

  • You are welcome to keep your video off, but please stay present with us.

  • If you have a question, use the chat box, or raise your hand.

  • Respect others' privacy by not taking screenshots of participants or recording sessions.

  • Have patience with yourself and others. We’re all in this together.

  • Remember, Zoom sessions are recorded.

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Reminder: We are tracking attendance this year.

Student attendance will be gathered every school day and phone calls will go home indicating a student did not report their attendance in a class. The call will encourage students to participate in learning later that day. We will check participation after school hours and correct attendance for those students who worked in their courses later in the day.

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Lunch Program

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BSD Return To School Site

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Important Phone Numbers and Support Information

Attendance Phone: 503-356-3022

Main Office Phone: 503-356-3020

Counselor Alpha List:

Mr. Baker (A-Caq) patrick_baker@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Budhi (Car-Fo) amanda_budhi@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mr. Shaw (Fr-Ji) tim_shaw@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mr. Rosser (Jk-Mb) forrest_rosser@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Silva (Mc-Pg). michelle_silva@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Stremme (Ph-Sr) tanya_stremme@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Pearson (Ss-Z) hope_pearson@beaverton.k12.or.us

Admin Alpha List:

Mrs. Myers (A-Ji) tina_myers@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mrs. Fitzpatrick (Jk-Pg) diane_fitzpatrick@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mr. Westhora (Ph-Z) david_westhora@beaverton.k12.or.us


Mr. Pedersen matthew_pedersen@beaverton.k12.or.us

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2020-2021 Tentative School Calendar

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