Start A Chain Reaction Of Respect

By: Allison Ross

What to do

Step 1: Do something respectful for someone

Step 2: Write it down on a piece of paper

Step 3: Staple it to the other links, continuing the chain reaction

Step 4: Take a picture, post it on twitter, and caption it #SCLArespect

My Goal

My goal of this project was to start a chain reaction of respect. Just like kindness, a small action of respect can go a long way. There are lots of groups at our school that could use more improvement involving respect. If everyone does one respectful thing for someone else, then it can help make this school a better place.

Did this make an impact?

Based on my statistics, I think that my project was somewhat effective. I think I could have gotten more favorites and retweets, however I think I had a good amount of followers in the time we were given. Also, I had a pretty good amount of people who contributed to my project.

Why Is This Getting Attention?

I think that my project got attention from the students. I think that other students just tell people about the things that are going on and the word spreads to others. People also probably heard about it through twitter. When people favorite and retweet things, then more people can see and learn about it.