AR Word Count Superstars!

How many words have we read at Milam Elementary?

Readers are Leaders!

Here's a summary of how many words each class has read since the start of the school year, according to Accelerated Reader! This means we read the books, we took the quizzes, and the numbers reflect how many words were contained in all those books!

AR Word Count

Teacher Name/ Total Words Read by Class/ Student who read the most words

Barrera 98,906 Jonathan Montano

Baysinger 1940 Ten students

Cardona 86,656 Yovanna Martinez Galvan

Donley 96,451 Bianka Diaz

Floyd 64,234 Shaniyah Embra

Gaines 7,883 Valerie Sifuentes

Garcia 4,481 Juan Granados

Gibson 18,678 Rebecca Cameron

Gryzmala 3,601 Nelson Dominquez

Martin 199,619 Bianca Gallegos

Moore 265,777 Niasha DelaGarza

Novak 16,396 Van Tolbert

Olvera, Leslie 53,574 Enrique Becerra

Olvera, Lilian 176,275 Adan Lorta

Olvera, Livier 47,736 Marco Avila

Perez 34,394 Jafet Gonzalez

Plyushkina 91,076 Emmanuel Briano

Price 89,480 Andrea Funez

Reyes 3,451 Brandon Martinez

Sericano 15,842 Brandon Hernandez

Vargas 25,718 Lidia Flores

Ward 30,067 Mireya Delgado

Yanez 18,134 Melannie Garcia

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Let's get going!

Can we spark some healthy competition between classes? Pick out your rival on the list, and work on "beating" their word count before Christmas break!