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VIP Folders

Thanks for reviewing your child's graded papers and signing their progress reports last week. Progress Reports will be sent home every two weeks. This week's VIP Folder will include:

  • Graded papers
  • Scholastic Book Orders - Please make checks payable to "Scholastic". All money and orders are due by October 1st.
  • Family Literacy Night Handout - Please return as soon as possible.

DFES Family Read In - 9/24/13

The entire school family will meet in the minitheater at 6:00pm for a short presentation about the importance of reading at home, how easily families can support all readers of all ages, and how reading outside of school impacts student achievement. Then, families will move to their child's classroom or one of their children's classroom for a READ-IN. Families can decide which classroom they would like to visit for reading together for 20 minutes and 13 seconds! After the Read In, families will move toward the cafeteria to pick out a free book, and exit the building through the cafeteria doors. We're looking forward to seeing you and thanks in advance for supporting literacy!

Literacy and Social Studies w/ Mrs. Jefferson


We have spent a lot of time using reading strategies to make sense of our reading. Your child has been using clues in the text to make inferences and determine meanings of unknown words. Not only are they making inferences, but they're also going back to the text to back up their thinking with evidence. In addition to inferring words and phrases in the text, we have been determining the narrator's point of view and its effect on our understanding of the story. I hope your child is practicing these strategies at home with their own independent reading books as they read for 30 minutes.

Writing has been so much fun for us! We continue adding notebook entries almost daily. Our focus for this unit is to be able to tell our story from the inside out and being able to relive the experience. We want our readers to feel like they are there with us! Your child should begin revising a story this week! Hopefully, next week, we'll edit and publish.

Word study with affixes began on last Friday! Your child recorded several prefixes in their word study notebook, as well as base words that have new meanings when the prefixes are added to them. Please see your child's notebook for this week's affixes. Our test will be on Friday, 9/20.

This week's affixes (prefixes):

re-: again

uni-: one

bi-: two

tri-: three

multi-: many

pre-: before

Next week's affixes (suffixes):

-ful: full of

-less: without

-er: more than, comparing 2 things

-iest: most, comparing 3 or more things

-ing: in the action of doing something

-ist: someone who

Social Studies

Our Westward Expansion study began this week. We began by focusing on the geography and geographical climate of the west. We will review our map skills and label important areas to know for our westward studies. Our reading and history experiences will be intertwined as we read about a former sharecropper's journey west for an opportunity at economic and social freedom. This historical fiction text gives us insight into the successes and struggles of trying to settle in the west.

Last Thursday and Friday, we completed our first social studies test on the Reconstruction. We went through this test, step by step. On Thursday, we read the questions and underlined or circled key words to figure out what the question is asking us. Then, we eliminated choices by determining what does not fit what we know and getting our choice down to 50/50. On Friday, your child was given some time to refer to his or her notes as a resource. By studying nightly, your child knew where to look for information to support their thinking.

If your child was unsatisfied with their Reconstruction test grade, they had a chance to get a form to be completed titled "Request to Retest". On this form, your child must fill in the topic to be retested on, the grade that was received, why he or she believes they received this score, and 3 activities that have been done to improve understanding of the topic. Our retest will happen on next Tuesday morning at 7:15 AM. All tests will be in next week's VIP Folder along with the 1st nine week's interim.

Creating Reconstruction Word Clouds

Math & Science w/ Mrs. Nesbit


We are beginning Chapter 2. The Quick Codes found on for this chapter are LZ436, LZ437, LZ439. I send home more Quick Codes as we move through the chapter.


We are continuing our study of Landforms. Now we are learning about landforms under the ocean.

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