Year 3/4 Newsletter

Scarborough Primary School

Welcome to the 2016 school year!

Mrs Bell and Mrs Codling look forward to working with your children on the following days:

Mrs Bell: Monday, Thursday, Friday

Mrs Codling: Tuesday, Wednesday

Daily Routine

Arrive at school at 8:35 for an 8:50 start.

The children need to bring their take home folder in every day. This will contain their dairy, and any books they are reading and take home notes will be placed in here too. The children are encouraged to bring in a water bottle that they can place on the floor next to their desk and some crunch and sip to eat through the morning.

Parent Communication

We are available for an informal chat in the classroom or on class Dojo. If you would like to have a more formal meeting with us please send us a message to set this up. When notes are sent home from the office they will be placed in your child's take home folder.

Class Behaviour System

The children's behavior will be monitored on class Dojo. Our school blue/red slips may be used to track repeated behavior issues or serious misdemeanors. Individual and class rewards linked to Dojo points will be negotiated regularly with the children. There will be whole class free time and individual rewards such as faction tokens linked to this.


  • Reading every night. Children may choose Literacy Pro books from the library on a Monday or Friday and their progress will be tracked through this. After they have finished a book, they will need to complete an online test. We will then track their progress by looking at their scores.
  • Mathletics
  • Spelling words
  • Times Tables

Personality of the Week

This is a fun way for your child to share any information they would like to about themselves with their class members as well as develop self esteem and identity. Each week a child’s name will be drawn out of a bucket. This child will then need to go home and complete an information sheet about themselves, then bring in some photos of their family, pets or friend to complete a display about themselves which will remain up in the classroom for a few days before the next person is chosen to be Personality of the week. The rest of the class is involved in completing a sheet about the person and this is cumulated into a booklet and given to the child to keep as a keepsake.



We will be working on a Jolly Grammar program, which is a whole school approach. The children will study phonics and grammar through this at a level that is appropriate for them. New spelling words will be given out each Monday and the children will be tested on Friday, with their results sent home in their diaries. The students also have a list of personal spelling words on their desk that they will do activities with and be tested on these fortnightly.


Our writing focus this term is narratives and expositions. We will be explicitly teaching the relevant structure and language features for both of these genres and the children will then practice writing these texts over the week. We will also be giving the children Naplan stimulus pages to construct texts around and get them to complete timed writing tasks.


The students will be learning about a different reading strategies each week through an explicit teaching session and follow up activities throughout the week. These activities will include Stars and Cars, Naplan practice and guided reading activities.


All areas of maths will be revised daily by students through the completion of their Mental Maths books.


This term we will focus on odd and even numbers, using numbers into the tens of thousands, partitioning numbers to solve problems, understanding number patterns, solving number sentences using equivalents and use multiplication.


Year 3’s:

This term Year 3’s we will be focussing on students using metric units for length, mass and capacity and telling time to the nearest minute.

Year 4’s:

This term Tear 4’s will be comparing areas of regular and irregular shaps using formal units and solve problems involving time durations.

Design and Technologies

The children will be researching, designing and making a desert or rainforest collage. They are welcome to bring in items from home to use on their poster.


The children will apply skills including questioning, researching, analysing, evaluating, communicating and reflecting when investigating history. The Year 3 students will be learning about communities and rememberance whilst the year 4 studetns will be learning about first contacts.


This term the students will be focussing on the topic Earth and Space Sciences. We will be identifying what students know about soils, rocks and landscapes and how they change over time. We will discuss the different types of erosion and provide hands on experience of how erosion occurs and the impact it has on the environment we live in.


The focus areas to be addressed in Health in Year 3 and 4 include and incorporate such areas as the use of persistence and resilience as tools to respond positively to challenges and failures and the positive influence of respect, empathy and the valuing of differences in friendships.


Our assembly will be held in week 7 this term. Please see us if your are able to organise a cake stall to raise funds for our class.