The War of 1812

AKA Mr. Madison's War

Some causes of the War:

1.Napoleonic Wars

FIghting leads to a blockade in Europe

2. British Impressment

Britain captured US sailors & drafting them into the royal navy

3. The Embargo Act

Put in place by Thomas Jefferson that put a ban on all exporting goods

4.Chesapeake Incident

British fired on the USS Chesapeake after being denied entry

5.The Non-Intercourse Act

Lifted the Embargo Act except for France and Britain

6.Battle of Tippecanoe

A battle against Tecumseh, the leader of confederacy of Indian tribes that was supplied by the British

7.War Hawks

Congressman that called for war against Britain

The War of 1812 was a war between the U.S. and Great Britain about the right of neutral countries to participate in foreign trade.There was no clear winner of the war but a decisive victory by Andrew Jackson made Americans believe that we had won the War. The final battle of the war was The battle of New Orleans which happened after the Treaty of Ghent, the treaty that ended the war, was signed.

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