Volume 2, Issue 6 | February 2023

Our Commitment to Student Safety

One of the most important responsibilities of a school division is ensuring the safety of the students left in its charge. In today’s day and age, safety in our schools is a priority across the nation and our community is not one to shy away from this topic. School safety has been a major theme in several recent events in which the division has sought feedback from our stakeholders.

I want our community to know that there is nothing I take more seriously as a superintendent than the safety of our students. This is why over the past several months, ACPS has been working in conjunction with the County of Albemarle, the Albemarle County Fire Rescue, and the Albemarle County Police Department to expand our decades-long collaboration in regards to student safety.

Through shared trainings and planning, we are working with local first responders and law enforcement to enhance our coordinated responses to emergency situations and over the next six months will meet as a team with subject matter experts around the Commonwealth and nation to strengthen our policies and tactics.

Although we hope that these plans never need to be put in action, we want to be prepared for any possible scenario that may take place.

Our strategic plan, Learning for All, states that we will know every student. And, in addition, we will protect every student.


Dr. Matthew S. Haas, Superintendent

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We have openings on two committees! Are you interested in joining us and making a difference in ACPS?

Budget Advisory Committee

Analyzes, evaluates and advises the superintendent and division staff regarding budgeting practices and priorities from a business perspective. The committee is composed of business professionals with significant budgeting experience. The Budget Advisory Council meets three times or four times a year.

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Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee is responsible for developing capital improvement program recommendations for the Superintendent. Committee members must reside in the magisterial district they represent, with the exception of the at-large seat, which can be held by any resident of the county. Among the issues, the committee will research, review and make recommendations on school program capacity; enrollment and projections; transportation and operating efficiencies related to facilities planning; creative financing and construction strategies; scope of renovations; school closures and new schools; student accommodation planning; and the division’s requirements for innovative learning environments to accommodate its 21st century instructional model and associated technology resources.

For more information, visit our School Board Committees webpage.