Zeus Vs Apollo

The Battle of the World!

The life changing battle

Aphrodite came from a faraway town called PizzaGod to get away from her problems. In this new town she got a lot more attention (why would she get a lot more attention?)She was the prettiest person known to man. Everybody liked Aphrodite, and that was half of her problems. She got so popular that she struck the attention off a god named Zeus, and she also burned the attention off a god named Apollo. Aphrodite was the star of her new town and no one could take that away from her.

“She’s mine!” Zeus explained.” Don’t you already have a wife,” replied Apollo. Zeus cheated on his wife many times, but this time he was willing to leave her for good. The men went on with the argument for days; throughout the whole town you could hear the unbearable sound, as if they were louder than the smashing of pots and pans. The men finally came to an agreement, In that agreement they had to take a journey down to Earth where all of the people were weak, helpless, and scrawny. The powerful gods took their voyage to a place where no other gods have been before. By the looks of the gods this was going to be interesting.

The wrath began opening the door for all danger to let loose. The men had their soon to be brutal battle in a place where the only sound was the hard grass crushing beneath the weight of their feet. The battle started and the scene was like dogs fighting over food, Zeus and Apollo held each other’s gaze, and decided at this moment one of them was not going to come out alive. In anger Zeus started chucking white lightning bolts with 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 watts of electricity at Apollo. Sadly Zeus missed all of the bolts that he threw at Apollo destroying everything in his path. It was Apollo’s turn and he wanted to play it dirty, the god of Sun called down his royal golden chariot, and requested his horses to ram into his face. The horses listened to Apollo’s request ramming into his face, but then Apollo remembered that if the horses got to close the world would burn. The horses wouldn’t stop for anything, the world started to burn, and the sound of men, Women, and babies arose from the distance as a scream for help. The men had not only almost killed each other but had also destroyed all of Earth and its entire people who lived there. The men had made a big mistake.

A few months later after the gods returned from their journey Aphrodite arranged a meeting with the gods. She stated that being fought over was too much and she slit her neck, killing herself instantly right in front of the gods. The gods put away their hate for each other and helped restore a new life on earth.

This can change everything

The possibilities of danger occuring is high

This could be the end

Chaotic and Dangerous!

The powerful lightning bolts Zues threw