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Issue 29 - 17th April 2020

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Future Focused

During these difficult times, it can be easy to lose focus on future planning, which is an important part of school success.

This week, I have met with the Parent Teacher Council to disclose some of the key priorities that the British Primary Section will focus on during the upcoming school year. The areas which have been identified can be seen below:

  • Provision for a successful dual language programme
  • Enriching the curriculum
  • Supporting staff development

Each of these areas have been pinpointed for strategic development. We are very proud to be an outstanding international school, if you are not aware, we are currently operating highly compared to other tier one schools across the globe. This however should not breed contempt. Our work on dual language will be to ensure in the early years and Key Stage 1, students will have further support in developing Chinese and English language skills, directly relatable to ensuring that they can communicate effectively, and further build academic success.

Much work will continue to be made to ensure that the curriculum we provide is as fluid and rich as possible, to meet the needs of our student population. Particular emphasis will be made on incorporating the Learner Profile, the key skills which are required to be utilised in all areas of working to ensure that children will be prepared to meet the ever increasing demands of the 21st Century. Please see the diagram below so that you are aware of the Learner Profile, our driver for student success.

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We very much believe that each of these attributes are important, whilst still incorporating our TES Values in ensuring that we produce well rounded, empathetic learners who will grow into successful adults and make a positive difference to the world.

To ensure that we provide the best education possible, we will continue to nurture our teachers, not only by providing outstanding professional development opportunities, but by giving teachers the opportunity to flourish and showcase good practice so that it permeates throughout the school. To support this, we have identified two key practitioners who will further drive the effective use of integrated technology to enhance learning, again, a key philosophy in future proofing student success.

Student voice is also important - this will continue to be developed next year, and the momentum which the Tribe Council has initiated will be further enhanced. Student voice drives success, enabling confident and well rounded empathetic students who will become role models for the future.

Moving back to the present, I would like to thank all the community for the support that you have given during this period, you have shown key components of our values, that being of Responsibility and Perseverance, we all have a role to play in showcasing key credentials to the children of British Primary Section. Finally, I would like to wish you a wonderful weekend, and hope to see you refreshed on Monday.

Best wishes,

Luke Chaeter

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TES Academic Calendar 2019-2020

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Nursery and Reception Parents - Save the Date - Tuesday 21st April - by Ms Gillian Smith

We are excited to share that Eowyn Crisfield, a language consultant that works closely with TES, will join us for another parent presentation and Q & A on Tuesday 21st April.

The focus of this presentation is the role of Chinese in learning English. More and more parents are choosing English language schools for their children, in the hopes that being bilingual will give them an advantage as they grow up. While it is true that becoming bilingual has advantages, it is also true that the continued strong development of the home language (mother tongue) is key to success in learning another language. For young children, who are still developing in their home language, a programme that provides continued support for this language, while teaching English, will be more successful. In this short presentation for parents, we will look at the important role of the home language in English education, and the research on why a programme that develops both languages is better than an English-only programme.

Eowyn Crisfield is an expert in bilingualism and bilingual education. She works with selected schools internationally, and is a Senior Lecturer in TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) at Oxford Brookes University (Oxford).

The details:

When: Tuesday 21st April at 4:15

How: Virtually via Zoom (an invite will be sent soon)

Who: Nursery and Reception parents

What: The Role of Chinese in learning English

我們很高興再次邀請到與台北歐洲學校密切合作的語言顧問Eowyn Crisfield與我們分享語言學習的模式與架構,並且將於4月21月星期二舉辦給家長們的座談會。


Eowyn Crisfield 是位雙語及雙語教育專家。她不但與不同的國際學校合作, 更擔任英國牛津Oxford Brookes Univerisy 的TESOL (對外英語教學)高級講司。


日期與時間: 4月21日星期二下午4:15

參加方法: 透過Zoom 視訊 (邀請連結將會寄出)

參加對家: 幼稚園家長 (Nursery/ Reception)

主題: 中文在英語學習中的角色

World Book Day - Thursday 23rd April 2020 - Reminders - by Mr Michael Norris

  • On Thursday, 23rd April, all children are asked to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. Please start chatting to your child about this and generate some ideas at home. Remember, the idea is for your child to be involved in the creation of their costume. We also ask that your child bring in their favourite book on this day to share with other children. It can be in any language!

  • On this day, we ask that children bring a minimum of NT$100 in an envelope (with their name on class on the front) and hand it to their class teacher. All donations will be given to Room to Read. Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education (https://www.roomtoread.org/)

  • The Extreme Reader photo competition and the Classroom Door competition entries have been extended to Monday, 20th April. Great prizes to be won! Please encourage your child to take part. Details to be found here. Entries to be sent directly to your child's classroom teacher.

PSHE: Speak Out and Stay Safe - By Ms Jeni Wong

‘ Today’s children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world and living their lives seamlessly on and offline. This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks. In this environment, children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way’.

Relationships Education, Department for Education: June 2019:04

At the British Primary Section (BPS), we are committed to ensuring that all students feel safe, secure and respected. Due to the reviews on how Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) was being taught in UK schools, the Relationships part of PSHE will be compulsory in all UK state primary schools from September 2020. The release of further supporting documents: Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2019) and Teaching Online Safety in School (June 2019) led to a review of our PSHE provisions in the primary school. Teachers and parents were welcomed to share their views and join our workshops to analyse the changes in curriculum against what we provide at the BPS and how our programmes of studies could be enhanced.

Speak Out and Stay Safe / Share Aware / Net Aware

In addition to our current PSHE programme (which can be found in the curriculum document) we will be introducing age appropriate safety lessons from the Stay Safe, Speak Out Programme provided by the UK National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). It is our aim that all children should know how to keep themselves safe from harm and where to get help if they have any worries.

Examples include, within the Foundation Stage Classes (Nursery- Reception), the children will learn about which parts of their body should remain private, using simple words and phrases such as ‘Pants Mean Private.’



Key Stage 1 children (Y1-Y2) will be taught about their right to feel safe at all times, and to speak out if they feel uncomfortable about anything or anyone. They will also learn more about on-line safety.


CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

Students in the Junior School (Years 3-6) will learn that their body is private and what is appropriate behaviour from an adult. More emphasis will be given to teaching about on-line safety and the use of social media platforms since students at this age usually have more access to digital resources.


What is Net Aware? | O2 & NSPCC

These sessions will be taught within the first two weeks of term and constant reinforcement will take place throughout the academic year through PSHE lessons, Year 5 & 6’s Sex Education Programme or Key Stage PSHE Assemblies. If you would like to have any further information regarding this, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or Ms Jeni Wong (jeni.wong@tes.tp.edu.tw) directly.

個人、社會及健康教育課程: 主動發聲及保持安全

「在現今社會,多元且複雜的的社會環境,以及豐富的網路資源,影響著兒童及青少年的成長。這表示孩子們有更多機會及更多的選擇,但相反地,也帶來不少挑戰與危機。在這種環境,兒童及青少年需要知道如何確保自己的安全和健康,以及如何正面處理他們的課業壓力、內在心理及人際關係。」------人際關係教育, 教育局: 2019年6月:04

我們承諾,在英國小學部,孩子們可以感到安全、安心和受尊重。根據英國修訂的「個人、社會及健康教育」課程,將於2020年9月起,「人際關係」納入英國當地小學課程中的必修科目。 有「保護兒童教育安全/2019年9月」及「數位學習網路安全/2019年6月」等相關文獻都說明且支持了我們小學課程所修訂的方向。我們歡迎老師及家長們可以參與我們的工作坊,了解英國小學部課程的改變,並針對課程分享您們的意見及討論如何讓課程達到最大的效益。


此外,英國防止虐待兒童協會提供了英國學校一個名為「主動發聲及保持安全」的課題。在我們現有的健康教育課程(也可在此課程大綱找到),將會依照學生的年齢導入與這課題相關的安全課程。我們的目的是希望每個孩子都能清楚知道如何保護自己及在他們擔心受怕的時候如何找到協助。例如在幼稚園 (Nursery 和Reception),孩子們會學習如何利用簡單的字句代表自己身體的私密處,例如「內褲亅代表私密處。





CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs



What is Net Aware? | O2 & NSPCC

這些課堂會在學期開始的前一兩週教授,然後在一整年的學期間,透過健康教育,五、六年級的性教育課程或各年級每週的健康教育集會,不斷鞏固這方面的知識。如果您對這方面有任何問題、疑慮,請向您孩子的老師或 Ms Jeni Wong (jeni.wong@tes.tp.edu.tw) 直接聯絡。


04/13~04/17 British Primary Home Workout Challenge

British Primary Music Home Practice and Classwork

Music Week
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As has been communicated, additional provision has been put into place to ensure that all children observe social distancing measures whilst eating lunch. We will be utilising both the canteen and infant hall for dining and spreading the lunch over a longer period, thus ensuring that social distancing measures are observed.

EPC Morning Parent Drop-Off - REMINDER

All students will now be dropped off outside of the glass tube. Parents will not be permitted on site during this period. Please be rest assured that we have provision in place for children who are in Y1 and below classes. After 8:20am, parents will have to call the section secretary's office to arrange a pick up of their children at the front gate.

EPC Afternoon Parent Pick-Up

All students will now be picked up outside of the glass tube from the designated zone at the following schedule:

Nursery, Reception and Y1: 2:55~3:10

Y2 and above: 3:15~3:30

Any students not picked up after 3:10 and 3:30pm respectively will be taken to the Maths Room to wait for collection.

As previous practice, there will be a designated area between the campus gate and the glass tube for parents to pick up the students. Students will be ready for pick up in the class-specific designated zone at the specified time. We ask that parents pick up their child with the acknowledgment of their classroom teacher/learning assistants. All students may only be picked up from the designated zone.

The health and safety of our students is our number one priority, and we kindly request parents to be on time and patient.

Supporting parents

Below are a few resources we found to share with parents who are home-schooling or finding it challenging to know what to do with their kids during this period of social distancing that doesn’t always involve staring at a phone or TV screen!

News from EPC Library

Dear members of the Dutch and Danish TES community,

The library is working on a project to create a world languages collection and we are starting with books in Dutch and Danish. We have already purchased some Dutch language picture books which you can see here - https://tinyurl.com/qnkmt5y - are we are looking for recommendations for more picture books in both languages. We would greatly value your input on titles that you think we should purchase for the library. If you would like to contribute to our project, please send your recommendations to library@tes.tp.edu.tw and entitle the email 'World Languages Project'. Please include the book title, author, publisher, and ISBN.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Ms. Emma

Primary Librarian

Coronavirus - A book for children

Please click this button to open the book.

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Value of our community

Right now, all over the world, anxiety is the new normal. And when you look at all changes over the last weeks, it’s more than understandable. Families are facing difficulties to visit their beloved ones back in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and other Asian countries, worrying their well being. Some of us meet financial difficulties due to the global economic crisis caused by the Corona outbreak.

During this uncertain time, there is one bright spot that communities are moving closer together. Younger adults help their elderly to do errands, customers stop asking for refunds of not delivered services like music concerts and fashion design companies producing fabric mask for their community. I got a lot of support myself during a very difficult time for me, I had to travel back to Germany. Friends organised masks for me before I travelled. After coming back and doing self quarantine other friends brought groceries and surprised me with self-made cakes and sweets to cheer me up. It’s worth mentioning that all the help and warm words I got did come from members of TES community, which I am very proud to be part of.

In this sense, I want to ask you, to move together. Put all different positions beside and help me to show the strength of British primary community, beside all challenges we meet. Have an open ear for those with worries, understand the responsibility of those which need to make difficult decision and reach out a hand to those which need extra help accompany their child with academics. Stay strong and healthy!

Sincerely your PTA chair,

Nadia Thul






您誠摯的英國部小學家長會會長 Nadia Thul

BPS Parent Handbook 2019-2020

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