My family and heritage community

Our traditions

Velkommen! My husband's family is 100% Norwegian. They came to America in the 1880's and with them they brought their traditions, culture, and history. In Norway a common Christmas meal was lefse (traditional Norwegain flatbread) and lutefisk (traditional whitefish soaked in lye). This tradition was brought over with my husband's family and every year since they come to Minnesota they shared this meal on Christmas day.

When I first married my husband I had never heard of lefse or lutefisk. I tried both, but I was not a fan of the lutefisk. But, I loved that that the entire family loved this tradition! My husband's 100 year old grandmother would share how the recipes for both dishes have changed through out time. She would also share stories on how her parents would make this meal in early 1900's and during the depression. Every year since my husband's grandma married she was in charge of the traditional Christmas meal of lefse, lutefisk, and other Norwegian treats (krumkake, kringla) and sharing of stories from the past.

Why I feel part of this community.