Peek at the Week

October 29-November 3, 2017


Thanks Mrs. Locke and all who helped with the 4th grade PIRATES show! I was so overwhelmed with the amount of talent our students displayed. WOW! I posted some pictures and videos on our twitter page. Please continue to encourage parents to follow us there. We do far more there than what we include in the North Pointe News. Thanks!

One Book, One School: Clues and the KICKOFF

We will be changing some of the dates for our OBOS kickoff. Clues to the book begin Tuesday. I will provide a clue each day through Friday. Provide students a minute or two to guess the book. After each clue each day, add to or delete your guesses. The kickoff will be in the auditorium on Friday at 2:00. Be packed up and ready to begin at that time. You will receive your books for students to keep at home on Monday. Megan will provide more details.

Field Trip Reminders

Be reminded of the following about field trips:

  • If a student cannot attend because of the cost, let me know.
  • Field Trip requests must be submitted to Mr. Cobbs no less than 2 weeks prior to the trip. These are submitted via google form or the electronic form on the common drive.
  • The day of the trip, each teacher must give Brenda the Class List of who is and is not attending, found in the field trip packet mentioned above.
  • Keep permission forms with you on the trip. You will need the info in case of emergency.
  • If a child from Mrs. Cary or Mrs. Green's class is mainstreamed into your classroom for any part of their day, they must be invited to attend the field trip.

Mastery Connect

Please be reminded that on Thursday of this week we will be meeting with Paige and Alicia to discuss the results from your first attempt at assessment in the MC program. Bring your laptops to my conference room during your planning. We will also be discussing the RTI process and the Enrich program.

Guided Reading Observations

Guided Reading should be in full swing for all K-5 students! As per her job requirements, Mrs. Maness will be coming into each classroom for observations of your guided reading lessons. She will provide immediate feedback and is here to help each of you hone your craft as a reading teacher. Thank you for welcoming her into your classrooms and being open to the coaching process.

Monday, November 6th PD

On this day, Dr. Kathy Norcutt will be here to provide professional development on The Learning Continuum. She will be in each elementary school over the next two weeks. For our PD, she will be providing a half day training on how to use this text. Donna will be lining up subs for each homeroom teacher (2.5 hours each), including Mrs. Green, Mrs. Cary and Mrs. Phillips. A schedule will be sent to you by the end of the week.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~ Frederick Douglass