Hillcrest School

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

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Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! The entire Hillcrest Staff is excited for our students to join us for another great year! Please review the information below which outlines new procedures and upgrades at Hillcrest.

Teaching Assignments

Teacher Assignments will be sent to families via Swift K12 on Tuesday, September 1st.

Morning Arrival at Hillcrest

  • Morning drop off will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the Front Circle.
  • Drop off will conclude at 8:50 when the buses begin arriving.
  • We will utilize four doors for arrival so please pull forward. Staff members will be present to direct families during drop off.
  • Students must exit the car on the right (curb side). Staff will not be able to help open the door and assist the students from the car. Please practice before school starts.
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Afternoon Dismissal

Afternoon Dismissal will begin at 12:40 p.m. Parking is available in the lower parking lot. Please walk up to the correct location and stand behind the outdoor cones. Kindergarten students will dismiss from the far door near the loading dock. Second grade students will dismiss from the double doors. Please leave promptly after picking up your child to ensure parking for other families. The playground will be off-limits during dismissal.

Pre School and First grade students will dismiss from their outdoor classroom door. Staff members will be present to assist families. Cones will be placed near classrooms doors and parents are asked to line up behind the cones. A school staff member will notify your child's teacher that you have arrived. Please do not approach your child's classroom prior to dismissal.

Please help us maintain a safe environment by observing social distancing protocols and wearing a mask during our dismissal process.

Students riding buses will begin dismissing at 12:50.

The first week or so will be slow going as we all adjust to the new arrival/dismissal procedures. We ask for your understanding, patience, and cooperation during this time.

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Hillcrest Updates

Hillcrest Updates

A HUGE thank you to our building staff members for preparing Hillcrest for another great school year! Mr. O'Campo, Mr. Escobar, Mr. Giraldo, Mrs. Hoeg, Mrs. Ahrens, Ms. Harpaul, Mr. Jones and Mr. Lieberman. Thank you to Mr. Knowles, Mr. Rapa and the summer maintenance crew for spending endless hours at Hillcrest getting ready for our reopening!

Hillcrest Health and Safety Enhancements for 2020-2021

  • Our air ventilation systems have been maintained and are fully functional.

  • Desks have been arranged so that students will sit six feet apart

  • Classrooms and hallways outfitted with hand sanitizer dispensers

  • Signage: Reminders to wear masks inside the facility are posted

  • Outdoor hand sanitizer stations for arrival and dismissal

  • Outdoor hand washing station located near outdoor learning spaces

  • Social distance decals placed in hallways

  • Two tents for outdoor instruction/mask breaks installed on the upper field

  • Blacktop on the Upper Field repaved

  • Fence replaced on lower playground

What Should I Bring to School?

1. Mask

All students and staff will be required to wear a mask at school. If your child doesn't have a mask, one will be provided. In preparation for the school year, consider increasing your child's mask stamina. The social stories in the following link may be helpful.


2. Chromebook

Your child's chromebook should travel back and forth with them daily. Please charge the chromebook each night.

3. Snack

Please send your child to school with a healthy snack for their mid-morning break.

Outdoor Learning Mat/Towel

Classrooms will be participating in outdoor learning as often as possible, weather permitting. Please consider sending your child to school with a blanket or mat to use outside. On sunny days, application of sunblock prior to coming to school is highly recommended, as not all outdoor learning areas are covered.Thank you!

School Supplies

The school will be providing each child a chromebook, headphones, dry erase board and marker, and math maniuplatives. Each child will also receive a pencil box with the following:

  • crayons
  • pencils
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • eraser
  • mini pencil sharpener
  • pens (for writing workshop)

Chromebooks will be distributed on the first day of school to first and second graders. Kindergarteners and students enrolled in the K-5 Connections Virtual Pathway should follow the chromebook pick-up schedule sent out on Friday.

Welcome to New Staff at Hillcrest!

Join me in welcoming Hillcrest's new staff members for 2020-2021!

CABAS K-2 - Ms. Bajwa

2nd Grade - Ms. Chaisson

Pre School - Mrs. DellaCroce

2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher - Ms. Fernandez

Kindergarten - Mr. Mawyin

Kindergarten - Mrs. Meeks

Kindergarten Assistants - Mrs. Doe, Ms. Reit, Mrs. Rellah

Assistant: Mrs. Badolato

CABAS Staff: Mrs. Summa, Ms. Torres-Rivera, Mr. Yan, Ms. Sultana, Ms. Maier, Ms. Kim, Ms. Cai, Ms. Barrell, Ms. Shapiro, Ms. Geiger, Ms. Chan

In-Person Learning Schedule

The schedule below is a sample daily schedule. Your child's teacher will be forwarding a schedule specific to their classroom during the first few weeks of school. Please note: The beginning of the school year will be focusing on social and emotional learning as we navigate returning to the school environment in the COVID era.
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Connections Virtual Pathway Schedule

The schedule below is a sample daily schedule. Your child's teacher will be forwarding a schedule specific to their classroom during the first few weeks of school, including times for small group instruction. Please note: The beginning of the school year will be focusing on social and emotional learning and classroom community building.
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Building Visitors

Parents/guardians/volunteers will need an appointment to enter the building; please do not come to school to drop off items unannounced. After an appointment is made, secretaries will provide a digital copy of the screening questionnaire to the visitor. This will need to be completed and reviewed prior to entering the building. Visitors are required to wear a mask.