The Great Depression in The 1930's

By: Ally Wheeler

How Did The Great Depression Start?

In 1929 the New York Stock Market crashed just after World War One.  The United States already had war debts, a weakened country due to the war, and needed to pay war reparations. By 1933, the value of the New York Stock Market was one fifth of what it was in 1929. Bread lines were commonly found throughout city streets, and 13 million to 15 million Americans were un-employed.

Who Was Affected?

North America, Europe, and other industrialized parts of the world were affected by the Great Depression. 25 percent of all American workers and 37 percent of all non farm wokers were un-employed. This economic crash affected all of America and other parts of the world.

How Does The Great Depression Connect To TKAM?

In the beginning of the story, Scout asks her father, Atticus, if her family was poor. Atticus answers, telling Scout yes. (Lee, Page 27) Maycomb is a small town, with only nothing to fear but itself. There was nothing to buy, but everyone had little money to spare. This shows that the Great Depression affected everyone with little money collection and a harder time keeping a job in the small town.