IIS/SFAS Weekly Update

November 19, 2020

Distance Learning Update

Our Distance Learning Model has kicked off. Here are some updates and reminders:

  • The learning bundle contains the academic tasks for your child to do through November 25.
  • Each day you will get a video from your child's teacher walking them through what needs to be completed for that day.
  • We distributed Chromebooks this week so that all families have at least one device K-12.
  • Tier 1 Childcare is available for those who qualify. To register, please contact Sue Conrad at 763-689-6214.
  • Our Food Service is providing Grab and Go meals daily from 9:00-12:30. Meals can picked up in our north parking lot by Door #2.
  • If you have needs that arise, please contact our office and we can help.
  • School For All Seasons is not in session on November 25. This is a holiday for them.
  • Thank you to all of the parents that were able to join us for the virtual meeting last Tuesday. We reviewed our plans and answered questions.
  • Our ofice is open each day from 7:00-3:30.

Learning Bundle Update

On Monday from 11:00-7:00 and on Tuesday from 8-4 we will be distributing the learning bundles for the week of November 30-December 4 and collecting the completed learning bundles. We will be located in the gymnasium with tables spread out for each grade to distribute and collect learning bundles. After this week ahead we will have a delivery system in place for our learning bundles should distance learning continue past December 3. Thank you!

Thanksgiving Gratitude

We would like to thank all of our school family for your support and understanding! During this season of gratitude we are grateful for all of our parent volunteers and for our community who have helped support our students during this challenging time. Thank you!

Technology Update for Distance Learning

We realize that this process will be new and different at each grade span so this document will share some information regarding the technologies teachers will be using. Just as there is variety in the Brick and Mortar classroom, students will experience a variety of technology applications within the learning environments they participate in.

Tech Help Desk

As a school district we are committed to helping families have a successful experience with distance learning. You can submit requests for tech help to the Tech Help Desk and one of our team members will get back to you either via phone, email, or ask you to join a Google Hangouts Meet so that you can screen share, and we can walk you through what to do.

Phone Calls from Teachers

Teachers may be calling you from a number that is not their school number. We are currently able to place phone calls via the Google Hangouts Meet platform. When a teacher calls you from their Hangouts Meet, it will say “Google Hngts ME” in the caller ID.

  • What does this mean for a parent? It means that the number the teachers are calling families from will not be their school number but may be a number that comes from some other area code.

  • How do I call my child’s teacher? You can call their school number that is listed on the Staff Directory Website and leave a message if they do not answer. The teacher will then be able to call you back using Google Hangouts Meet. When a teacher calls you from their Hangouts Meet, it may say “Google Hngts ME” in the caller ID or it may be from another area code.

Internet Access for Families

Cambridge-Isanti School district is currently working on ways to provide families with affordable internet access. We have provided the following information to families regarding availability and costs.

C-I Schools Community Home Internet Options

Please contact Erin Eberhardt at 763-552-7099 or eeberhardt@c-ischools.org with any names of students who do not have internet access.

Content Delivery Strategy

Each grade span will be providing/communicating course content in a slightly different way. We have started out in K-5 with Learning Bundles. We will move to other options if Distance learning Model continues for a longer period of time.

K-5 Grade Span

6-8 Grade Span

9-12 Grade Span

K2 - SeeSaw

3-5 Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom and Schoology will require your student to login using their Google credentials.

Live Sessions/Office Hours with Teachers

Teachers will be holding live sessions either during an office hours session or during a live class instructional session. Please see the grade spans schedule on their respective blended learning site to learn more.

  • K2 & 9-12 - How to Access a Teachers Session

    • These can only be accessed through the student’s Google accounts.

  • All 3-8 teachers will have the Hangouts Meet link listed in the top of the Google Classroom header section (on the left).

  • Teachers using Schoology may also post this info in the course information.

Student and Parent Info/Expectations in Google Hangouts

During our extended distance learning days, you may be invited to join a live session with your teacher using Google Hangouts Meet. All online interaction is an extension of the physical classroom, and expectations of your student’s behavior online is the same as what we would expect in the classroom. This will be a chance for your child to connect with the teacher, ask questions and see classmates. We see this as a valuable tool to allow your child and teacher the ability to maintain their relationship and enhance learning.

Recommended Practices

  • If at home, all video connections must be placed from a "common" area of your home.

  • In order to limit bandwidth consumption we recommend you choose not to activate your camera when you join the meeting.

    • You may also join via telephone if you do not have adequate Internet access.

    • When students do join with their video camera on, we recommend that they change their backgrounds by clicking the 3 dots in the lower right corner, select “Change background”, then select the desired background.

  • As a student it is important for you to follow the classroom procedures online just as it is important for you to follow classroom procedures in the brick and mortar setting.

  • Please review this Google Hangouts Meet Etiquette guide.

Do NOT post any screen images of Google Hangouts to Social Media

Clever Portal (K-5 Mainly)

Cambridge-Isanti Schools provides students with access to many different online curriculums and resources through a Chromebook and a single sign on portal called “Clever”.

  • Clever will automatically load on a school issued Chromebook when students login or it can be accessed at https://clever.com/in/c-ischools.

  • Students can login to Clever with the "Login with Google" option, just make sure the student is logged into their school issued Google account first.

Recorded Sessions or Information from Teachers

Many teachers will be recording lessons or asking students to record videos for them using Screencastify.

At the K2 Level, many teachers will be communicating information to parents with Seesaw. This program allows teachers to communicate group or individual information to families.

Cambridge-isanti Dial Back Plan

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Happy Thanksgiving

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