Graph Activity

Graph Activity

An RV full of people is driving to a camp sight. The RV is going 2 miles per minuet. How far will the RV be after 11 minuets?

Time in minuets Distance in kilometers

1 2

2 4

3 6

4 8

5 10

6 12

7 14

8 16

9 18

10 20

11 22

Explanation of graph-- The RV is going to a camp sight in Texas The RV gets to the camp sight and parks there.

An Independent variable is a variable that can be manipulated. My Independent variable is the time in minuets. A Dependent variable is a variable that changes in response to the In dependent variable. My Dependent variable is the distance in kilometers. A Constant variable is a variable that doesn't change. My Constant variable is 2 kilometers per minuet.

Equation- K x M = D

K - Kilometers

M - Minuets

D - Distance