SMS & CIDL Battle of the Books

2nd Annual

Sign-Up October 19th through December 4th!


  • Pick up a registration packet from the Media Center or print one from the MC's home page
  • Teams can have 2-6 students
  • Each team needs an adult sponsor
  • Choose a team name (must be appropriate)
  • Teams will need to read (and re-read) 7 books
  • Books will be available in the SMS Media Center and at the Clarkston Independence District Library starting Nov. 16th
  • Meet regularly with your team to create and answer practice questions
  • The Battle will be held the evening of March 18, 2015 at SMS in the 7th gr. gym
  • Come dressed in costume (if you want), and be ready as a team to answer 50-70 questions about the 7 books
  • HAVE FUN!!
Made possible by support from the Friends of the Clarkston Independence District Library