Clean Eating 101

Monday, August 25th, 6:30 p.m.

You're invited to "The Attic," Seacoast Church, 750 Long Point Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC

Join us for a presentation on learning to adopt a lifestyle change of health and wellness by Carrie Ann Torzsa, MA, Health and Wellness Coach. Knowledge is Power! When you know better, you will do better.

Breaking down the 30 days jumpstart to a healthier you.


Find out what it means to eat clean:

(Because eating clean does not have to be boring!)

  • What foods may be causing negative reactions in your body
  • How to increase your nutrient intake
  • How to balance your blood sugar
  • How to support your elimination organs and effectively remove toxins from your body


Learn how you will incorporate clean eating in our 30-Day Detox Boot Camp. Our Detox Boot Camp is a program consisting of botanical and vegan-certified products to detox your system, learn to eat clean, and lose weight that includes:

  • Educational training call and materials
  • Access to a nutritionist and support from Arbonne consultants
  • Meal plans, recipes & shopping lists for the entire 28 days
  • Free, online support group through a private Facebook page
  • Tips, tools, motivation, accountability
  • A place to ask questions and get advice
  • Lots of important health and wellness information
  • Prizes and incentives for the “biggest winners”
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We will also be having samples of our delicious organic protein shakes!

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Arbonne Opportunity

Plus, learn more about the Arbonne business. We will show you an amazing opportunity aligned with phenomenal products that will allow you to own your own home-based business, change people's lives–including your own–and achieve your dreams.

No strings attached. Just come, sit, and listen!

Adults only. If you think of someone who is wanting to live a healthier lifestyle or who you think this will benefit, please feel free to invite him or her.


Carrie Ann Torzsa, M.A.

Health & Wellness Coach

Mental Health Therapist

District Manager at Arbonne International

(860) 949-4100