Toddler Classroom

May Newsletter


Happy Birthday to Tobin!

In the Classroom

We can’t believe it is already May. Where has the time gone? Summer is just around the corner. Please let us know if you have any vacations planned for this summer. The month of May, we will be talking about flowers, bees, insects, and farming.

We would like to welcome our new friends - Bridger, Ezra and Noah, who will be joining us from the infant room.

We would like to say good-bye to Dagny and Abbi who are moving on to the preschool class. We would also like to say good-bye to our infant room. May will be the last month we will have infants at Little Oaks. All of our current infants will be joining the toddler class.

May Song: Insect (Sung to the tune of Wheels on the bus)

The firefly at night goes… blink, blink, blink
Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink
The firefly at night goes blink, blink, blink
All around the town
*The bees in the flowers go buzz, buzz, buzz….
*The ants in the grass go march, march, march….
*The crickets in the leaves go chirp, chirp, chirp….
*The caterpillar in the field goes creep, creep, creep….


The weather is changing and the sun is coming out more frequently. Please remember to bring labeled sun screen and a sun hat to leave at school. Please apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before drop off and we will reapply after nap if needed.


Don’t be afraid of your toddler! Set clear limits and boundaries and, most importantly, follow through. Ask your child ONE time to complete a task or stop an unwanted behavior. If they do not respond, it is OK to help them. Let your child know that you are in charge. This is when they need you to be their voice of reason most (well and maybe again, when they are a teen)!


Dear Parents and Students,

Thursday, June 2nd will be my last day at Little Oaks. I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your children’s lives. It has been such a wonderful experience to get to know each and every one of them. You may see me from time to time back at the preschool as I will substitute when teachers may need some time off. Have an amazing, relaxing fun filled summer!

~ Miss Cathleen