The Noble Experiment

Perserverance through Jackie Robinson, By:Julia Davies

Summary of Jackie Robinson Perservering

Jackie Robinson got beanballs thrown at him, and he would get harassing threats throughout his life. He was going through a lot of adversity. But at the end, Jackie was offered a contract that would give him a $3,500 bonus and a $600 month salary for agreeing to play on the Montreal Royals (Page 294-295).

Summary of Jackie Robinson Perservering #2

Jackie Robinson’s life was being ruined. People discouraged him, they threatened him, and they would ruin baseball for him. This is all just for having black hands.

(Page 294-295)

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Jackie Robinson sitting with his teammates, with a Dodgers uniform on the far right.

Quote of Jackie Robinson Perservering

”They’ll taunt you and goad you”… “They’ll do anything to make you react.”


Quote of Jackie Robinson Perservering #2

“How do you like that nigger boy?” he sneers. Could I turn the other cheek? I didn’t know how I would do it. Yes I knew I must. I had to do it for many reasons. (Page 295)

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Robinson,Jackie. "The Noble Experiment." Comp. Alfred Duckett. The Language of Literature. Vol. 7. Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2002. 28-95. Print.