Presented by: Vincent Pacheco

Job Description/Duties

Neurosurgeons perform surgery on the brain, spinal cord and nerves to remove tumors, relieve chronic pain and treat wounds, vascular disorders and diseases such as Parkinson's and epilepsy. They also use surgery to relieve hydrocephalus, the abnormal build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. i would very much appreciate my salary as a Neurosurgeon. Something i would dislike regarding this job would be the amount of education i would need to get this job.

Personal Characteristics Needed

Some important characteristics i might need to be happy and successful in this occupation would be responsibility and precision. This career would be suit me because of my desire for prosperity and i am a risk-taker.

Education Needed

Neurosurgeons must complete 4 years of undergraduate school followed by four years of medical school. Neurosurgeons then take 6-7 years of neurosurgical residency training. In the first year, commonly called Post Graduate Year One or the internship year, residents undergo training in basic clinical skills in areas such as trauma and critical care followed by 3-6 months of training in clinical neurology. Over the next six years, residents complete a total of at least 42 months training in core clinical neurosurgery.

Work Setting

Hours of work frequently exceed 60 hours a week in the busier practices. The working conditions are usually pleasant with the work environment being indoors in well lighted exam rooms and hospitals. I might travel to see patients and yes the job would be stressful. I would like the air conditioned rooms but i would dislike all the sick people around me. Hospitals would hire neurosurgeons.

Wages and Benefits

Neurosurgeons have salaries in the range from $102,129 to $693,662 a year, due to experience. The most popular perks and benefits among neurosurgeons are 401k plans, malpractice and liability insurance, and paid holidays and vacations. I can see this occupation provide more than enough for my living expectations. I feel this job has high job security because everybody has a brain.

Similar careers

Cerebrovascular surgeons specialize in treating the blood vessels that supply the brain. Interventional radiologists use radiation to treat brain tumors, while neuro-trauma surgeons attempt to minimize the damage to victims of accidents or violence.My background would help me obtain these jobs because they all relate to the brain.

Personal Assessments

Some important things to keep in mind is all the hard work and hours i would have to put in order to become a Neurosurgeon. This occupation would be a good fit for me because i like to live a good life. If fits my interest because i really like money.

Final Thoughts

One pro for this occupation is all the money i'm going to make. One con is all the work and education i would have to complete in order to get this job.

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