The Amazing Gray Wolf

By: Emma L. per. 5

"Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatered. How did it find us? Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and imbrace it? ... When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows, swallowed whole by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?" - The Darkness. Keep this quote in mind for the rest in this ok? Wolves are beautiful and mystical creatures that need to be protected before they disappear.

Ok so before you think its going to be sooooo serious, it will... but not right now. I can't be that serious for that long. So lets get to know the Canis Lupus or the Grey Wolf. The females are weighed in at around 50-85 pounds. The males weigh in at about 70-110 pounds. They are both are about 80-85 tall. They can run at about 50-60/kph while Usain Bolt's top speed was 23.5/kph. Having about 4-6 pups per litter, they weigh about 0.3-0.5 each. Unlike most people believe, they do not breed like rabbits. Wolves have to be 2 years to be sexual mature and breed in February. Rabbits are sexually mature once reached the age of 6 months.

Speaking of people missing things, lone wolves are more likely to die than pack wolves. FUN FACT: Wolves are very social creatures like us and can die of loneliness. THINK ABOUT THAT HUNTERS! Anyway... It's rare for a lone wolf to howl because other packs can find out where it is. Though a wolf who is separated from its pack will howl to find its pack and vice versa. But just because they are more likely to die and only make up 15% of the population, they can still be just as important. In Norway there was a study that showed a pack gone to inbreeding then a Swedish wolf came and put diversity back into the pack. Oh wait, before I go to a more non-childhood crushing let me give you one last one. Alphas aren't supposed to be called alphas. They are technically called the Breeding Pair since they are the once who created the pack.

NK! (How I'd say okay if we where talking face to face) The history of the Canis Lupus and... GO! The first Canid was a elongated fox that was alive about 60 million years aago and was given the name Dawn-Wolf. The first real Canis Lupus came about 750,00 years ago. The Canis Dirus (Dire Wolf) looked just like it though with differences. Some examples are larger, broader heads, shorter, sturdier legs, larger teeth, and smaller brain cases. Their size and weight was that of a modernized Canis Lupus.

So why do, we as Texans need to know this stuff? Well so you can school people that get all of this information. (*cough cough hack choke* My dad's friend) Anyway, Texas holds the endangered, Red wolf or Canis Rufus, in our territory. Wolves can help keep pests out like rabbits, moles, coyotes, ect.

Now then, I might go a little rage mode so keep the glass tables away because I will flip them. Wolves are highly feared and respected for agreeable reasons. But because of that fear, man has been known to bait the wolves into bear traps so they can bleed out in a long death. They have been dug out, shot, and dragged out from their only safe haven, their dens. They've even been hunted by dogs and killed with no mercy. Now, people hunt them by using air crafts and typically 12 gauge shotguns. Whats funny is that wolves would do anything to say away form humans and fear them to great costs. They are skinned, shown like trophies in a living room, and sometimes left to rot and leave the mourning wolves to cry in their fallen place and to tell them what the humans will do.

A good view into this next part is this video: Warning, not for the squeamish, it does contain blood.
Alaska. A beautiful state. But what people are now finding out is that the snow is covered with wolf blood. The legal hunting season is from August 1st to May 31st. The Alaska website gave me no answers as to why the wolves are hunted other than that they are "Big game and good fur bearers." - Alaska's Website. (See bibliography for more details) About 1200 out of the 7700 wolves are killed and harvested. Now 7,700 seems like a lot of wolves. But what if, the last wolf pack in the world is in Alaska, unprotected still and a hunter decides to be so "helpful to the world and farmers" that he just shoots them all off. What then? This world would be in havoc and chaos if that happened. The trees would vanish from the over populating elk. The fish would multiply since the bears would consist off of the elk that roam and then the beavers would leave the streams causing the fish to die out then the storks would die out then the things that would be overpopulating would be the Bear, Coyote, Rabbit, and Elk.

Now then, with this in mind, will you help in the fight for the wolves or will you stand by the hunters saying that these are animals that should be better to die off? Does this darkness for the wolves have a light? Are you that light? These animals are too important not to go unprotected. Think about it.


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