come to the inca civilazations

you'll never want to leave!


we don't have glyphs or letters bu we do have quipu! learn how to count using knots! it'll be educational and fun!

road system

know someone who lives nearby and need to give them something but don't have time to visit them? let our road system take care of it! It may take longer but it'll get there! eventually!


we have lots of land for you to visit at! every where from Columbia to peru to Argentina! you'll never get bored we guarantee it!

medical advancments

get hurt while climbing our mountains? have no fear we have some of the most advanced medical equipment of our time! We can take care of that pesky brain swelling with simply taking out a piece of your skull! we'll have you climbing those mountains again in no time!

class strutcure

we don't want to make you feel judged but people who live here are! we have two classes the nobles and the commoners! the government controls almost everything so if you fall in love with someone you'll have to check with the government to make sure it'd okay to be married!


interested in becoming a farmer? we do have a lot of mountains but we've fixed that little problem! by cutting terraces in them and adding a irrigation system the mountains are now perfect for farming crops!


we know many people want to join the army so we added one here! anyone can join as long as the government (who else am i right?) says it's okay!