A tragic, cheer filled story


Do you know anyone with a tragic disability? Maybe it's Autism, Cancer, or Treacher Collins Syndrome. Like August Pullman. Freak. Monster. Gollum. Ork. These are names he gets called every day. At the park, at the store, every where. Ever heard of the cheese touch? Well... imagine being the cheese. Life is already bad enough for

this 10 year old boy. But now, he has to go to school.

"Moving, uplifting tale of disfigured boy with inner beauty." - Common Sense Media
For 4th graders & up for hard words, & the word "Shut up" often included. - Isley B.
Rated 4 1/2 by Common Sense Media
Rated 5 stars by the 5th graders of Mitchellville Elementary
To learn more about August's disease go to this link:


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