CHS & CHS Oakes Back to School

Welcome Back 'Cats!

We are so excited to start school in person on Wednesday, September 2!

Please take the time to read through this newsletter for important information regarding this school year!

Campus Bell & Student Schedules

We have our Campus Bell Schedules posted on our website.

Our campus hours for students are from 7:40 AM to 4:30 PM. Our first bell is at 8:10 AM with the start of 1st period at 8:20 AM. Our day ends at 3:59 PM.

Students can attend tutorials before and after the start and end of our day. Teachers will share tutorial times with students this week.

Student schedules are available in Home Access Center (HAC). We will assist students to their first period class on Wednesday and we will hand out a copy of student schedules/maps during first period.

NOTE: To find your Student Schedule in HAC, select the “Classes” icon, and then click on the “Schedule” tab.

Masks & Campus Protocols

Masks are to be worn when you step foot on a CHS campus and are expected to be worn until you leave the campus. We will wear masks in the classroom when social distancing is not possible. We will wear masks in all common areas, during transition between classes, and before and after school.

As long as you are on campus, we wear masks!

Because we are wearing masks, our staff and student IDs are more important than ever, we are asking our staff to wear their staff IDs, and asking our students to either wear their ID or have it ready to give to a staff member whenever asked. We will be making IDs for all 9th grade students, New to CHS students, and anyone that can’t locate the old one. ID making will occur after Labor Day.

We have protocols in our buildings to help with the flow of movement. We are asking that students walk on the right side in our hallways, follow directions on doors marked “Enter Only” and “Exit Only”, and follow directions on building flow rules (for example: certain rooms may only exit one way at the end of class).

We have new cafeteria protocols and are encouraging our students to eat outside. We have bus protocols and have spread out our bus pick-up areas.

We want to stay in school, at school, so do your part….FOLLOW THE PROTOCOLS! Let’s keep CHS COVID CLEAR!

Drop Off/Pick Up

Student drop-off and pick-up is unique to both sites. Below is information for each site:

Main Campus Morning: Parent Drop-off can occur in front of the cafeteria or in front of Tucker Hall. Buses will drop-off in front of the Cafeteria.

Afternoon: Parent Pick-up can only happen in the front of Tucker Hall (which extends the whole length of the building) or behind the campus off Veterans Memorial Drive. Do NOT pick-up anywhere along the road in front of Newton/Cafeteria/Banneker. This area is specifically used for our bus pick-up.

Note: For the first few days, until we get into a routine, it will be a bit slow and crowded for pick-up. Coordinate a pick-up spot to make things easier.

Oakes Campus Morning: Parent Drop-off in front of the campus on Oakes. Try to avoid drop off that requires crossing the street, but drop-off can occur on both sides of Oakes. Our morning buses will drop-off behind the campus.

Afternoon: Parent Pick-up can only happen in the front of our Oakes Campus. Do NOT pick-up behind school. This area is specifically used for our bus pick-up.

Note: For the first few days, until we get into a routine, it will be a bit slow and crowded for pick-up. Coordinate a pick-up spot to make things easier.


We will try to conduct each day without visitors entering our building as much as possible.

Call first for specific procedures with attendance, registration, nurse, and meetings.

When picking-up a student, call ahead so we can notify the student and have them ready.

Parents will be allowed to enter the foyer of Tucker Hall and the front vestibule at Oakes and social distance from others in line. A mask will need to be worn at all times.

School meetings will be conducted on the phone or by videoconference. In-person meetings will only be allowed in specific situations and as determined by the CHS administrative team.

We will not be accepting any deliveries for our students, including lunches.

We will not be allowing anyone on campus to eat with students .

Attendance for the First 10 Days

Starting school with two virtual platforms created a different way to account for attendance.

We recognize that there has been concern over students being counted absent that may not have been. Some students had connectivity issues that caused them to login later in the day rather than at our designated attendance time or couldn't connect at all.

Because of this, we will begin our accounting for Perfect Attendance, Finals Exemptions, Saturday School, and the 90% rule starting on September 2nd.

Technology Needs

All students need to bring a device, school or personal, to school each day.

Teachers will continue to use devices as part of their everyday class.

Schoology will continue to be our learning management system in our in-person platform.

If you are still in need of a device, contact us and try and get one by this Wednesday.

Textbook & Library Book Returns

If you still have books out, bring them with you on Wednesday! We will check them in and clear you of your fines!

CHS Main Parking

You can purchase your Parking Tag starting Thursday in the Student Service Center. We will announce when you MUST have a tag to park on CHS Main Campus.

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