Angelmans Syndrome

By kaitlyn and hailey


A genetic disorder causing development disabilities and nerve-related symptoms.


-Mental problems

-Speech problems

-Hyperactive behaviors

-Jerky movements

-Stiff legs

-Hand flapping

-Laughing and smiling a lot

-Small head


-Brain system


-Problems on Chromosome 15



-Neither recessive or dominant

Disorder Diagnosed

Step 1- Methylation test

Step 2- FISH test

Step 3- RFLP analysis

- Can be prenatal and have it

Disorder Treated

-Not Prognosis

-No treatment

-No specific therapy

Groups Diagnosed

-Happens in all races/ groups/genders

-Fewer then 200,000 US cases per year

FUN Facts

-Referred to as the " Happy Puppet syndrome because of continuous laughing and smiling.

-When prenatal doctors think the disorder is autism.