Edgar Allen Poe

The Poet of a horrid life.

Who was poe?

Poe is known best for his poetry and less about his horrid life, well i'm gonna tell you about his life anyway.He started life in poverty living with his parents in a shack of a house essentially (But it gets better) his parents die of Tb or better known as tuberculosis/or consumption as it was known back in poes day in the industrial era in america.

What he did.

Poe was famous for his rather dark poems which portrayed events in his life. The more famous of his poems is the raven, essential describing his life from beginning to end as the life of a raven.

How did he die?

He died of rabies, or it was assumed rabies.Poe was refusing to drink water and doctors of the time assumed it was due to being bit by a rabid animal which in turn let to Poe catching rabies. Rabies causes the infected host of the disease to have extremely difficult time drinking water its actually impossible due to the intense pain.