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Update on Danielson Training Pay or Credit

We have come to the point in the training where about 85% of the staff has either completed the training or decided not to take it. Rather than spend my time looking through two different databases trying to figure out who has completed the training, just e-mail me when you are completed and I will look it up for you and either give you the credit or pay requested. If you haven't finished it yet, hop online and do so and you can get a nice spring bonus or lane movement credit!

Upcoming Evaluation Timelines

For Pre-Tenured Teachers:

1. Reflections for pre-tenured teachers are due on February 1st to supervisors. This is the first reflection of the year for pre-tenured teachers, so be sure not to let it slip by!

2. Summative evaluations for pre-tenured teachers are due to be completed by March 1st. Reflections must be discussed prior to the summative evaluation.

3. First year pre-tenured teachers get ECRA scores based upon Fall to Winter data.

For Tenured Teachers:

1. For tenured teachers in reflection year, the reflection must be submitted and discussed by May 15th.

2. For tenured teachers in evaluation year, the reflection must be submitted and discussed with your supervisor prior to or at the Summative Evaluation Conference, which must occur by May 15th.

5. For tenured teachers in evaluation year, if the ECRA scores help you, use them! If they don't, don't use them. However, I think everyone was excellent this year, so the score could help!

A final note, you are working on next year's ECRA score for your building right now! When we come back to school next year, we should know the ECRA score for the 2016-2017 school year by August or September, so 30% of your evaluation will be done by then!

Where is that 2016-2017 School Calendar!

Anybody wondering about the 2016-2017 school calendar? In past years, it would have been presented to the Board in December and approved by January or February. However, there has been a wrinkle in this process. Downers Grove District #99, with whom we coordinate our calendar, has been considering going to an "early start" calendar, which would move the calendar start up to the third week in August. This would allow District #99 to get exams completed in the first semester.

Because of this coordination, we are waiting on District #99 to give us an idea of whether they are staying with the traditional calendar or going to the early start calendar. We have a draft calendar prepared for either proposition, but are waiting to see what happens. Please rest assured we will have a calendar, it will just be a little late this year.