Book Vs Webpage

Killer Angels by Michael Shaara vs Battle of Gettysburg

By Sergio Rubio Jaime


Killer Angels is a historical fiction novel based on the 3 day battle of Gettysburg which includes maps and historical figures like Robert E Lee

Battle of Gettysburg web page is also about the battle of Gettysburg but has more detail like casualties of the battle and what happened day to day


The similarities between these two are that they both talked about the spay that told General Robert E Lee that the Union was coming. Also both the book and the web page both explain what happened on each day of the battle
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The differences between Killer Angels and Battle of Gettysburg are as follows Killer Angels is historical fiction, Battle of Gettysburg is official Gettysburg webpage, Killer Angels has some fictional character and Battle of Gettysburg has all 100% factual correctness.
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Even though these two or similar and have differences it's not hard to tell which one is better for the learning experience and that is Battle of Gettysburg is far superior than Killer Angels in the factual part of history but Killer Angels is far superior in entertainment because even though not everything is true in the book it makes the battle of Gettysburg much more exciting by adding drama and action scenes.
The Civil War in Four Minutes: The Battle of Gettysburg