My Ideal Classroom

Your Outlet for your Expression of Individuality!

This is a place for YOU! Let's Build it Together!

Welcome everyone to Ms.Englehart's Classroom! Here you will find a place not like any other. This isn't just MY classroom, it belongs to YOU as well! This will be a place where you will develop your own paths with ideal guidance along the way. My purpose is to help you achieve your goals, and learning how we get each of you there individually this year! I'm not here to just teach you, but you are also here to teach me! Together, we will experience a year of creativity, learn how to be expressive, and become what we want to be for the future.

Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand-Out!

If You Feel It...Express It!

What are we going to do today Ms. Englehart

- Warm Greetings

- Share Special Stories

- Brain Gym Exercises

- Story time/Circle Time

- Art time

- Recess

-Snack Time

- Math Time

-Lunch Time

- Music Time

- Teacher Reads Aloud Time


- Reflect on the Day

-Say Goodbye Class!

Here in my classroom...

We learn to have compassion for one another, learn from our diversity, express how we feel, build relationships, discover new things, work hands-on, stay active, eat healthy, and grow into individuals that we choose to be!

Families....Make Your Voice Heard!

Monday, Nov. 18th, 7-9pm

Ms. Englehart's Classroom

This is an opportunity for students and parents to brainstorm new ideas, express what they like or dislike, and make changes they feel will better their learning experiences. This is a great discussion group for us to create OUR classroom, and not just Ms. Englehart's Classroom! Snacks provided! :)

Parents...Join Us!

We love volunteers, and who better than the parents of these intelligent students! Please contact myself if you would like to come help, and assist with taking part of your children's learning! This is a one teacher classroom, so helpers are always, always welcomed! :)

All About M.E. (Magnolia Englehart)

- Born in Cebu City, Philippines

- Birthday: September 2nd

- Raised in Southern Oregon

- Mother of a 4 Year Old named Andre

- A Teacher

- A Photographer

-Favorites: The color Black, Eating Sushi, Traveling, Crafts, Bargain Shopping, Dancing, and Being a Mommy & Teacher.

- I am a creative/artistic learner

- Students are my dearest friends

The Greatest payment a teacher can receive is knowing how much she had an impact in a child's life!