Ms. DeCorah's Classroom

Math and Science Classes


Science - Given occasionally, generally students have a few nights to complete it and turn it in for a grade.

Math - Every night (except for Fridays), students have work in the math book. All homework is review of past concepts and should not take more than 20 minutes. Students check their homework in class the following day, it is graded on completion, not correctness.

Math Textbook

Every math student has one this year, and they are to write in them.
If a student looses his/her book or it is destroyed they will need to purchase a new one, cost is $10.00.
Students have online textbook accounts for them to look at, or even complete their homework online (I will be able to see it, but they will not be able to check it).
Math book should go home and come back to school every day; we occasionally use the book in class as well.

Google Classroom and PowerSchool/SchoolNet

Each class also has an online classroom in Google Classroom. Here I will post any digital homework assignments (paper copies are available on request) as well as study guides and links to study for unit tests.

Students will have ALL unit tests (math and science) online via SchoolNet using their PowerSchool account. After students have submitted their test they can go back and review the test and any questions they may have missed.

Please note: All tests include opitional bonus questions, so scores posted from the SchoolNet Assessment dashboard are NOT final, final test grades (including bonuses and extra credit) are posted in their PowerSchool gradebook.

Ongoing/ Monthly Projects

Create Project (Science) -

When and What? - Every other month in science students will receive an object (example: September = pipe cleaner). Students are to make ANYTHING they would like. The ONLY limitation is that they use the object of the month. They may: add to it, cut it, glue it to something else, whatever they would like

Why? - Creativity is a skill that many up and coming companies are seeking in their new hires. Having the students "think outside the box" with these projects allows them to activate skills and abilities that they normally may not use in the classroom. Additionally, it lets the students share pieces of their personality in their projects.

How is it graded? - This is a completion grade, either students complete the project (100%) or they do not (0%). There is no rubric to judge/grade creativity, students are asked to do what they want and go as far as they would like, the choice is their own. However, if students turn the projects in late (or complete them in Caravel day), they will lose 10% for every late day (unless absent or I have been notified otherwise).

Science in the Real World (Science) -

When and What? Every other month (when not completing a create project). Students will share a science related news story (print, audio or video) that is happening around the world on our Google Classroom page, or comment on a post from another student.

Why? - Science doesn't just happen in the classroom or in laboratories, I would like to see that is happens all around us everyday, and in other states and countries. I want them to see the impact of science in today's society and how is influences our culture and cultures around the world.

How is it graded? - To receive a 100% students need to post an article, video or audio clip to the Google Classroom page AND comment on another post from that month. To receive a 90% students need to post an article, video or audio clip (students did not comment on another post). To receive an 80% a student needs to comment to a post from that month. To receive a 70% and lower, students either post late (10% deducted for each late day) or not post at all (0%).

PSJ (Math): The Problem Solving Journal is a monthly problem that tends to be quite difficult to solve. Students are to write down their thoughts, feelings and the steps they took to find the problems solution. Graded based on a rubric students have taped to the front of their one-subject notebook. PSJ is due at the end of each month.

All at home projects may be completed with the assistance of family members, as long as the student does the majority of the work.

Monthly Projects are due at the end of each month

Tests and Quizzes

All students have the opportunity to improve Math and Science quizzes and test. After a quiz or test is returned they have until the date assigned to turn it back in with corrected answers. Each question corrected is scored as follows:

1/4(25%) point back - for just the answer

1/2(50%) point back - for answer and explanation or math work shown

3/5(60%) point back - for completing corrections with Ms. DeCorah

I am happy to help student with the corrections during class, before school or after school, they just have to ask.

Math Benchmarks every quarter

Ms. DeCorah

My availability - I am available to help or meet with students almost any day before or after school. I would like students to let me know if they plan on staying or coming in early to meet with me.
Times I am available: Mornings - starting at 7:10 am (or when you get here), Afternoons - until 3:30 or 4:00 (or when you need to get picked up)
Days I am NOT available: info coming soon